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Making payments from your Britline account

With a wide range of methods of payment you will be able to access your funds at all times

Making payments from your Britline account

DEBIT CARDS : We offer the Eurocard Mastercard Debit card which enables you to make payments, withdraw cash and use the 24 hour petrol stations and motorway tolls.
Order your card today by simply calling us or e-mailing your request. We will send you a card to your fiscal address.
A Gold Card is also available subject to approval. Click here for more details.

CHEQUE BOOKS : A cheque book is automatically issued when opening your account. Cheques are still widely used throughout France and are considered like cash, with no cheque guarantee cards.
The limit of a cheque is the balance of your account ! For this reason there are strict regulations in place. A cheque can only be written if there are funds available and can only be cancelled if lost or stolen.

Take the pain out of paying bills !

DIRECT DEBITS : Easy to arrange, direct debits can be set up on your Britline account to make paying bills simple. Complete the mandate supplied by the service provider and return it to them with your bank details (RIB form).

BANK TO BANK TRANSFERS : You can action these yourself online or instruct Britline to do them for you. You will need to send us a signed written request to carry out this type of transaction.
Please feel free to print out our Transfer within France form which can be faxed, posted or sent by e-mail back to us.

INTERNATIONAL TRANSFERS : Upon your written request Britline can action international transfers for you, in the currency of your choice. Please provide us with the full IBAN and SWIFT code in order to process these transactions for you.
Please feel free to print out our International Transfer request form, which can be faxed to us on + 33 2 33 72 54 72 or simply posted to us.