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Take advantage of our special offer for up to 300€ off a combination of new insurance contracts until 31 December 2024 (1)

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(1) 50€ reimbursed for any subscription of at least 2 new insurance contracts between January 9 and December 31, 2024. The contracts eligible for this offer are: House and Contents, Vehicle, Health, Personal injury, Mobile Device and remote surveillance with a limit of 300€. The amount will be transfered to the account used to pay the premiums 94 days after the effective date of the contract, provided the contract is still in force on that date.

The House and Contents, Vehicle, Legal Protection, Health, Personal injury, Pet, and Mobile Device insurance contracts and their options are provided by PACIFICA, the insurance company, subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA. PACIFICA: Company regulated by the "Code des Assurances". Limited company with a consolidated capital of 442 524 390€ untied funds. Head office: 8-10 boulevard de Vaugirard - 75724 Paris cedex 15.352 358 865 RCS Paris.

The remote surveillance offer is proposed by NEXECUR Protection, (for which the Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole acts as agent) SAS with capital of 12,547,360 euros, Head office: 13, rue de Belle Ile 72190 COULAINES, SIREN 799 869 342 RCS LE MANS, authorisation to operate CNAPS AUT-072-2113-07-09-20140389180. Ma Protection Maison is not certified APSAD R80 for installation prestations.

The events guaranteed and the conditons figure in the contracts.