Paying in cheques

All cheques should be posted directly to CA Britline at the following address:

CS 25014
14050 CAEN CEDEX 4

Good to Know

You need to sign ALL cheques on the back and quote your account number to avoid a delay in crediting them to your account.

  1. French euro cheques - When paying in a euro cheque drawn on a French bank, please use a paying-in slip. These can be found at the front of your chequebook, or you can request a paying-in book by contacting us.
  2. Euro cheques drawn on a non-French bank.
  3. Sterling cheques - If you are crediting a euro account (your CA Britline current account, for example) the funds will be automatically converted into euros using our commercial exchange rate on the day we receive your cheque. If you are crediting a CA Britline sterling account the funds will remain in sterling. For details on handling fees, please refer to our Banking fees.  You may also wish to check with the issuing bank as they may charge you.


TOP TIP: If you receive a cheque for more than the amount expected (for example when renting your gite) and the person who provided the cheque is asking you to return the difference by bank transfer, contact us immediately so we can discuss this together.


Sécuripass is a free service (excluding communication costs depending on the operator) requiring the download of the Ma Banque app and a subscription to the Crédit Agricole Online service. Conditions and limits of the service can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Use available in the Ma Banque app or on request from your branch.