Paying in cash

While you are in France, you may wish to credit your CA Britline account by paying cash in at a local branch of Crédit Agricole. As with many banks in France, Crédit Agricole is a regionalised bank. This means that branches outside Normandy, where your Britline account is held, will not be able to view your account.

If you choose to deposit cash in a branch outside of Normandy (departments 14, 50 and 61), this transaction is referred to as a “versement déplacé”. Be aware that due to regional policies, some branches may refuse to take a cash deposit for an account held in another region. You will therefore need to check with the local branch if they accept cash deposits from out-of-region account holders.


Good to Know: 

To avoid delays when you make a "versement déplacé", it is imperative that you include a copy of your RIB and passport. You can find your RIB: 

  1. on your online banking or via the Ma Banque app.
  2. in your chequebook: look at the ‘Bordereau de Remise de Chèques ou Relevé d’Identité Bancaire’ at the front of your chequebook.

Sécuripass is a free service (excluding communication costs depending on the operator) requiring the download of the Ma Banque app and a subscription to the Crédit Agricole Online service. Conditions and limits of the service can be found in the General Terms and Conditions of Use available in the Ma Banque app or on request from your branch.