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La rentrée

The end of summer holidays and the return to school and work each September is a key event in the French calendar. There is even a special word for it: La rentrée

Introduction to construction

For many of us, embarking on a renovation project, whether in the UK or France, can be a daunting prospect. Some people will have more experience of this than others but taking on a project in a country with different rules and regulations in a foreign language should not be underestimated.

A Votre Santé

France is renowned for the quality of its state healthcare system but how do Brits access it, whether visiting their holiday home or moving across the Channel full time? Rachel Johnson reports

Consuming less; spending less

You would like to change the way you consume and spend less in the process? Here are a few tips to help you along the way which will not only help you save money, but allow you to do your bit towards saving the planet and being more environmentally friendly.

La Côte Fleurie

It is not surprising that tourists visiting Lower Normandy flock to the Côte Fleurie. Offering a beautiful coast with chic seafront villas and perfectly kept gardens.