Other loans to finance your projects in France

Whether you are planning to buy a car, do some improvements to your house or simply need some help, we have loans that match your needs. 

Home improvement loan

Personal loan

Home improvement loans

Do you need help to finance work to improve or renovate your French home ?

  • Several solutions exist.
  • They depend on what type of work you are doing.
  • It is best to call us to discuss your project so we can guide you to the best option.
  • Interested in Eco-renovation ? Click here

Car loan

We can finance all types of vehicles for personal use ; cars, motorbikes, camping cars etc

  •  The loan amount can be from 1500 euros to 50 000 euros
  •  The repayment term must be between 1 and 10 years
  •  The interest rate depends on the lending term.

You will need to provide documentary proof that this loan is being used to purchase a vehicle.

Personal loan

Whether you have unexpected expenses this month or you just want to plan on buying a new item for your life in France, we have a finance option to suit your need. 

A personal loan can finance anything that does not fit into the other categories.

  • The loan amount can be from 1500 euros to 50 000 euros. 
  • The repayment term must be between 1 and 7 years. 
  • The interest rate depends on the lending term. 

A loan is a commitment and must be repaid. Check your ability to repay the loan before making the commitment.

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