French Car insurance: how does the No Claims Bonus work?

There are several differences between how car insurance operates in the UK and France. If you are new to driving in France, read how car insurance companies calculate your entitlement to a no claims bonus – and how you can benefit.

How does the No Claim Bonus work in France?

In France the no claims bonus is known as the CRM (Co-efficient de réduction-majoration) – or simply, the bonus. 
UK drivers will be familiar with no claims expressed as a percentage, e.g. 50% no claims bonus. Not in France! A driver starts with an index figure of 1 – and each year without a claim it’s multiplied by 0.95. You can obtain a maximum discount when your CRM reaches 0.50, it takes 13 years driving without a claim to achieve this.

Can I benefit from my UK No Claims Bonus when insuring my car in France?

The simple answer is yes. However, how the no claims is calculated depends upon the French car insurer. 
You will need to give a copy of your UK driving history as the main driver or as a named driver on the policy as proof. Most French insurers require proof of the last 3 years to confirm any no claims bonus. 

If I have an accident, will I automatically lose all of my No Claims Bonus?

Unlike the UK, you do not automatically lose all of your no claims bonus but your no claims bonus will be reduced. It will then automatically increase gradually every year if no further claims are made.

Can I insure my UK-registered car in France? 

Some companies are able to insure your UK registered car for up to one month. However, you should check very carefully what level of cover you actually have as your car is technically not legally registered in either country. If you do take longer than the original one month allowance you may find that your insurance has reduced to third party even if you are paying for fully comprehensive. 

Useful to know

In France it is the vehicle itself that is insured rather than the person. This effectively means anyone can drive your car (although be aware of any conditions on your insurance such as age, experience etc.) but watch out if you do lend your car as it is the main drivers no claims bonus that the person is driving on. 
Want to change your policy from another provider? If you have had the policy for more than 12 months you can change at any time.

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First published: 20th December 2023