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Funeral planning

Funeral planning

Planning ahead for your funeral is never easy. Death is a subject most people find extremely difficult to talk about, although there are so many words in the English language to describe it… pass away, die, expire, demise, deceased …..and many others.

Why is funeral planning important?

Making plans for a funeral is however extremely important. Arranging and making provision for your funeral gives you peace of mind that your family will have the money to pay for the funeral costs when you die. Planning also ensures that your wishes will be respected; for example the type of service you would like and other funeral arrangements.

Funeral planning is not only about ensuring that there is sufficient money to pay for your funeral, whether this is a burial or a cremation. The death of a loved one is undoubtedly an extremely emotional time. This is why a funeral plan should include access to help for family members and friends, for example in arranging a funeral service, communicating with a funeral director, handling any paperwork or providing bereavement services and counselling.

Paying for a funeral: what does it cost?

In France it is a requirement to arrange a funeral within 6 days. This is unlike the UK where a funeral can take three weeks, so this can add to the financial pressure at a difficult time.

The cost of arranging a funeral varies significantly across France depending upon the region. The average price of a cremation is currently €3,600 and €3,500 for a burial although the cost can be as high as €5,000.

Finding the money to pay for a funeral could therefore be difficult for your family which is why it is important to plan ahead.

What is a funeral plan?

All funeral plans offered by Credit Agricole Britline (we call our plans Tranquillite Obseque) consist of the following:

  • A lifetime contract which pays out on the death of the insured person to cover all or part of the funeral costs.
  • A service contract to assist the relatives of the deceased with the organisation of the funeral and other requirements.

You do not need to have a medical to qualify for a funeral plan and there is no waiting period.

The financial element of the funeral plan guarantees a capital sum of money. The minimum amount is €2,500 and the maximum €10,000 to cover part or all of the funeral costs.

After your death, it is possible to pay a funeral director directly to cover the costs with the remaining money paid to the beneficiaries.

What type of funeral should I have?

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Your choice of funeral is an important step; the first decision is between a burial and a cremation. Cremations are now increasingly common although a burial is traditional for most French people.

Alternatively you may wish to have your body repatriated to the UK or another country for a funeral. If this is the case you need to instruct the funeral director who can make the necessary arrangements.

Sometimes families will wish to take the deceased persons ashes back to the UK for a burial and funeral service; in this situation translation of the death and cremation certificates are required as well as specific arrangements for transportation.

‘Green’ eco-friendly funerals are another option. Paris now has a cemetery which follows the principle of lower-carbon, chemical-free burials—with wooden grave markers used in place of tombstones, a coffin made of sustainable wood and all elements used are bio-degradable.

Whatever you decide, by choosing a funeral plan you can ensure that your wishes are carried out and your dignity is respected.

What is the role of a funeral director?

Funeral directors are very professional in France and can help to plan your funeral. A funeral director can advise on anything relating to your funeral or the service. For example, what type of service you would like; where do you wish to be buried (or your ashes to be scattered); and they can provide advice regarding help that may be provided to family or friends after your death.

Traditionally, French funerals are quite conservative. However, in crematoriums it is increasingly popular to have more informal services including the use of music and speeches to remember the deceased.

Is there an age limit for a funeral plan?

The minimum age for taking out a funeral plan is 40 years and the maximum age is 85 years. The financial services element of the contract is set for life.

A person subscribing between 40 and 75 can spread their payments over 20 years. If over 75 years at the time of subscription payments must be made within the 10 years that follow.

How to pay for a funeral plan

Credit Agricole Britline funeral plans are very flexible.

You can choose to pay by instalments (monthly, quarterly or annually), pay a partial lump sum at the time of subscription and pay the balance in instalments. The value of the contract is increased by 5% when all instalments are paid, helping to keep pace with rising funeral costs.

During the life of the funeral plan you can modify the payments, change the beneficiaries or even redeem the policy. The plan is renewed automatically each year.

A funeral plan is therefore a good way to save money and like a savings plan; because you can redeem the policy, what you pay into your funeral plan you get out.

Plans may be subscribed to as an individual or as a couple. There is a 10% discount for couples with all Credit Agricole Britline funeral plans.

What help can my family receive after my death?

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The death of any person can be a sad and traumatic time for family and friends. Following a person passing away there will be a lot of arrangements to make. This includes registering the death, liaising with the funeral director, arranging the service, dealing with issues such as powers of attorney, the law of probate and so on. All of this can seem overwhelming. That is why funeral plans should not only cover the costs of a funeral but provide practical help and support too.

Credit Agricole Britline funeral plans provide a wide range of help and assistance for family relatives and friends after your death for up to a period of 3 months. The services include:

  • Communicating with the funeral director (especially useful if a family member does not speak French or live in France).
  • Childcare: looking after children 15 years or under.
  • Help for your pets.
  • Home help.
  • Counselling & psychological support (on the phone or by appointment in an office).
  • Help obtaining the survivor’s pension.

This assistance service is especially useful for people who live alone in France or for those who want peace of mind that help and support for their family is available.

How to obtain your funeral plan

If you would like more information about a funeral plan, please contact us. All of our team are English speaking and bilingual and an advisor can assist by answering any of your questions or concerns.

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