Taking a more relaxed way of life

Semi-retirement can mean a change of career, a slower place in our working lives or simply more time spent doing the things we love.

Looking for an area which is easy to access for work as well as family or leisure pursuits is crucial. Consider the key criteria that is important to you.

Looking at Important criteria, understanding the differences when purchasing property compared to the UK and considering how you will finance your purchase will all help you plan your project

France is a great place to have an active semi-retirement: pursuing hobbies, meeting new people or engaging in business projects. Discover how others have approached semi-retirement and find helpful information relating to issues such as visas and other matters.

Once you have purchased your French property you can take the time to settle in and enjoy your semi-retirement in France. Discover tips on how to make the most of it and other things you should consider.

The easiest way to integrate is through language. It gives you the confidence to have conversations with others, make new friends and make the most of your life in France. 

Another top tip is to join a club or association. Being proactive by joining clubs/ associations in the area are all good ways of meeting and exchanging with people. This takes time and effort but will ultimately make integration easier.