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Understanding your fee statement

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Understanding your fee statement

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Understanding your fee statement

Interpreting your statement of banking fees

COTIS CS or COTISFee for your account service package which upgrades your account to include various insurances and discounts.
PRLVAnnual fee for your bank card or outgoing direct debit or active account handling fee or fees relating to the credit of a foreign cheque upon your account.
Envoi Cheque RecomFee for sending your cheque book using a secured postal method.
Frais Déplafonnement Carte Fee for modifying your card limits.
Operation Etranger Fee for card payments outside of the European Economic Area.
VIREMENT Transfer in euros or receipt of a transfer in sterling.
REMISE The crediting to your account of a foreign cheque.
Interets Debiteurs Debit interest incurred when your account has been overdrawn (or when using funds before the value date has been reached).
COM CHANGE Commission for foreign exchange transactions.
Retrocession Interets Debiteurs Backdated debit interest.
Frais Reject Prelev Fee for rejecting a direct debit due to lack of funds.
Frais Lettre Murcef Cost of sending a letter advising you that your account is overdrawn.
Frais CHQ Paye sous interdict bancair Fee for payment of a cheque whilst being "interdit bancaire".
Frais Rejet de chq sup 50 Fee for rejecting a cheque for an amount exceeding 50€ due to lack of funds.
Commission d’intervention Commission for the bank’s intervention in paying an item when your account is overdrawn, or when an agreed overdraft limit is exceeded.

Frequently Asked Question

Why have I received this statement of banking fees?

The main purpose of this statement is to give you a complete overview of the products and services used at your bank and the related fees.

I have heard the term «relevé annuel de frais» used. Is this the same thing?

Indeed, this statement, required by the Loi Chatel dated 3 January 2008, is also called «relevé annuel de frais» by public services.

To make matters clear for their customers Crédit Agricole wanted to go beyond the legally required minimum by also including the non-charged operations and the advantages from which you have benefited. This will give you an objective and exclusive overview of the relationship you maintain with your bank.

Does my annual statement of banking fees take into account all transactions with my bank?

The statement only takes into account the transactions relating to your everyday banking needs: means of payment, use of overdraft facility, on-line banking fees, etc. It doesn’t show for example, interest payments on a mortgage, personal loan, or share holding fees.

Does the statement of banking fees concern fees already charged or to be charged in the future?

The statement is an overview of the transactions and products subscribed during the previous calendar year. The corresponding fees have already been debited from your account and were shown in your statements during the previous year.

Is there a charge for the statement of banking fees?

No, the statement is free of charge. To conform with regulations it will be sent to you every year, together with your bank statement for January.

Do I need to keep it ? Do I need to show it to other organisations?

Unlike your bank statements there is no obligation to keep this fee statement, which is an aide for you in managing your account.

I have several accounts and I have received several fee statements. Can I have one for all accounts?

The law requires a statement per current account opened as at 31 December of the previous calendar year. That is why you have received several statements.

I want to receive my fee statement by internet. What do I need to do?

The statement of banking fees is not available by internet.

Where do I find the principal banking fees?

The principal banking fees are sent to you each time there is an update. It is also available on the website or by contacting your branch. Don’t hesitate to consult our website.

What can I do if there are entries I do not understand?

The fee statement is an overview of the transactions and charges already showing on your monthly statement.

What is the "Compte service" package?

The "Compte service" is a service package on your account, providing you with various benefits linked to the management of your account, with a separate charge. For further details click here

What is the Bonus Gold?

The holders of a Gold Mastercard or Visa Premier card from Crédit Agricole benefit from a reduction in price, the amount of which increases with each payment (apart from Moneo) and withdrawal from a Crédit Agricole ATM using this card.

The reduction in price is applied to the following year’s annual card charge.

What is the commission d'intervention ?

This is a handling fee for presentation of a payment when funds are not available on the account and requiring individual treatment.

What is an Avis à Tiers Détenteur ?

This is an administrative procedure under which the Tresor Public is allowed to block and subsequently pay funds, which are due to them for certain taxes.