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Many people assume that being a European citizen entitles them to free medical treatment in France, as with the UK NHS. This is not the case.

There are certain steps that you must take to ensure that you can get a percentage of your medical expenses reimbursed, as well as to avoid being confronted by too much administrative red-tape. Even with the correct paperwork, the reimbursement you get is unlikely to cover the total cost of your medical treatments.

Details of the forms you may require, depending on your particular circumstances, can be found at the Department for Work and Pensions website. A document entitled SA29, can be downloaded from which details your social security insurance, benefits and healthcare rights within the European Economic Area.

If you are visiting France, you will usually need an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card) which has now replaced the E111 form. It is important to carry this in case you require medical treatment while you are away. This document is only valid for one year. The quickest way to get a UK issued EHIC is to apply online at where you will also find additional information.

If you are living in France and registered on the French Social System, you can obtain a French issued EHIC by applying to your local Assurance Maladie office. This will be required if you need any medical treatment when travelling outside of France within the European Economic Area. You should apply at least 2 weeks before your departure.

If you intend to live (but not work) permanently in France, you should apply for an E106 before leaving the UK. This will justify to the French authorities that you have paid National Insurance in the UK and are entitled to the same level of healthcare offered to French nationals.

How can Credit Agricole help ?

Please note that even if you are in possession of an EHIC, S1 application form (formally the E106), or have been issued with a Carte Vitale, in France there is still likely to be a proportion of your health treatment costs that you may need to pay out of your own pocket. This could be as much as 65% of the cost of certain medications and up to 40% of certain medical treatments and stays in hospital. For this reason, most French people subscribe to a complementary health insurance policy. This is generally referred to as a Mutuelle. Crédit Agricole is one of France’s largest Mutuelle providers. If you live in France or are about to move to France, please call us at CA Britline for a free quotation.

Additionally, comprehensive travel insurance is provided automatically to CA Britline Gold Card holders. Please contact us for further details.

Websites & useful contacts :

  • Department for Work and Pensions (find details of entitlements abroad)
  • Department of Health (apply for your EHIC)
  • Securité Sociale Assurance Maladie (find your local office in France)

Due to the growing numbers of Brits settling in France, the Normandie Assurance Maladie (CPAM) office has set up an English speaking advice line: Tel 00.33.(0)