Lost, forgotten or blocked four-digit PIN number


If you use the incorrect PIN code, your card will be temporarily blocked. To remove the block, you will need to make a cash withdrawal from a Crédit Agricole machine in France using the correct PIN code. You can contact Britline to ask for your code to be reissued if needed. 
If you are not in France and will not be returning in the foreseeable future, we will need to issue a new card and PIN code.



You can request a PIN reminder using security codes which will be sent to you in your secure message system and by text message to the mobile telephone number we hold for you. 

How does it work?

Request your PIN reminder by contacting us.

  1. The next working day, you will receive an eight-digit delivery code (a mixture of number and letters) in your secure message system. You can access this either via the Ma Banque app, under “Contact” then “My messages”, or via your online banking by clicking on the envelope in the top right-hand corner, next to your name. If you have never used the app or your online banking before, find out more here:


  1. You will receive the following text message later on in the day from the number 3 89 61:
    CREDIT AGRICOLE: pour recevoir le code confidentiel de votre carte bancaire, répondez en saisissant les 8 caractères du code de délivrance remis à la commande.
    You need to respond to this text within 24 hours by texting the eight-digit delivery code you received on your online banking or on the app. Please do not add anything to your text response.
  2. If your mobile is a UK mobile, the above text may come from CA-INFO and ask you to text the delivery code to the following number: +447860013328.
    A second text message will then be sent to you as follows:
    CREDIT AGRICOLE: le code confidentiel de votre carte est xxxx. Mémorisez-le sans noter. Par sécurité, ce message sera effacé sous 24h.

    This message contains your four-digit PIN code for your bank card.  Remember this number - but don't write it down or keep it with your card!
    For security reasons, this text message will be automatically deleted from your mobile phone after 24 hours.

* Local costs apply when phoning within France from a landline. Check with your service provider when calling from abroad.