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Loss of independence

Loss of independence

If, gradually or overnight, you lose your independence this insurance will pay you a pre-determined supplementary income each month to help face the extra expense of a home help or care home.

This type of financial assistance is rarely covered by state benefits and you may not wish to return to the UK.

This policy also includes full assistance and services at home on a temporary or permanent basis.

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The Vers l’Autonomie offer is comprised of the Vers l’Autonomie-Assurance contract and Vers l’Autonomie-Assistance contract. Vers l’autonomie-Assurances contract is provided by PREDICA, Insurance Company for personal insurance, subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA, company regulated by the insurance code. Limited company with a consolidated capital of 915 745 065€, untied funds. Head Office: 50-56, rue de la Procession, 75015, Paris – RCS Paris -334 028 123.
Vers l’Autonomie-Assistance is issued by Fragonard insurance, limited company with a consolidated capital of 32 207 660€ RCS 479 065 351 Paris. Company regulated by the insurance code. Head Office: 2, rue Fragonard, 75017 Paris. Contract managed by Mondial Assistance France, limited company with a capital of 7 584 076,86€. Head Office: 54 rue de Londres, 75008, Paris. RCS Paris 490 381 753 Insurance Brokerage Company ORIAS registered 07 026 669.
Your regional Crédit Agricole, registered as a broker with ORIAS, distributes this contract.
Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Normandie, variable capital; registered as a credit corporation – Head office: 15 Esplanade de Brillaud de Laujardière – CS25041,14050 CAEN CEDEX 4 – Registered with the RCS of CAEN 478 834 930. Insurance brokerage company registered with the “Registre des Intermédiaries en Assurances” N° 07 022 868.
The full details figure on the information notice.
Contact your CA Britline advisor to find out the full details and conditions of this offer in your regional office of Crédit Agricole.