Starting a new chapter in France

Every year many people choose to relocate to France. A successful move requires careful planning and research. 

We have put together articles to help you think of some of the points that will be important to you.

If you are going to live and work in France, consider which areas will give you the most possibilities. Quality of life is a key reason why many families and younger people have chosen France to live and work in recent years. Which factors are the most important for you?

Read about the key differences in purchasing property compared to the UK and consider how you will finance your purchase. Learn more about these key stages.

Once you have bought your French property and made the move, you will need to take the time to settle in and adapt to this new chapter in your life. Discover tips on how to enjoy France, make the most of your new situation and avoid certain pitfalls.

The easiest way to integrate is through language. It gives you the confidence to have conversations with others, make new friends and make the most of your life in France. 

Another top tip is to join a club or association. Being proactive by joining clubs/ associations in the area are all good ways of meeting and exchanging with people. This takes time and effort but will ultimately make integration easier.