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How to pay your French taxe d'habitation


If you have recently had a letter from the French Tax office with the title:
Objet : Paiement de votre tax d’habitation and you paid your taxe d’habitation by cheque

This is a letter informing you that it is the last time they will accept payment of the tax by cheque without incurring penalties.

They strongly suggest that in the future you pay either online or fill in the tear-off slip and return it with a RIB.

(Please note that this information is aimed to help customers, however if you have questions on French tax, we suggest that you seek professional advice).

To begin you will need

  • Your Numero fiscal found on your avis d'impots.
  • Your Reference de l'avis found on your avis d'impots.
  • Your French bank account details (RIB). You may download these details from your French online banking or find them in the front of your chequebook.

Once you have these items log on to and follow the instructions below:

  1. Select espace particulier (in blue) on the upper right corner.
  2. Click on the green button payer en ligne.
  3. Continue through the proposed steps until confirming your payment.

The same process can be followed when paying Taxe Fonciere and Impot sur le revenue.