Putting a temporary block on your card

If you have misplaced your bank card or simply want to ensure that it cannot be used for a short period of time, it is possible to put a temporary block on your card.
This can be done in the Ma Banque app and in your online banking.
To do this via online banking, log on using your 11-digit account number and 6-digit personal access code. 
Once connected, select “Gérer ma Carte”.
This can be found under “Mes opérations” and then “Mes moyens de paiement”. 
It is also one of the shortcuts on the right-hand side just below your name.

When using Ma Banque, select “Manage my credit cards”.
Your card details will appear and you can select the card that you wish to manage.
You will see “Verrouillage temporaire” which means “temporary block”.

To activate the temporary block (change from Désactivé to Activé), click to open and then select “Verrouiller ma carte” to confirm your choice.
The block will be effective immediately. You will receive confirmation of this in your secure messaging system as well as via email.
You can unblock your card at any time using the same method.

Please note: a temporary block does cancel your card. In the event of loss, theft, or fraud, you must immediately request that your card be cancelled by calling SOS Carte or your advisor.

Good to Know:

Under “Gérer ma Carte”, you can also check and modify your card limits, plus activate and de-activate the following options: 

  1. Paiement sans contact”  – contactless payments
  2. Paiement à distance”      – distance payments (e.g. Internet, telephone…)
  3. Opérations à l’étranger” – payments and cash withdrawals outside France


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