Accessing your insurance premium renewal notice

Your renewal notice will be made available on your online banking facility at least 30 days before the renewal date.

To find your renewal notice: 


  1. Click “Accéder à Mes E Documents”.
  2. Select “Assurances Bien et Personnes” from the list.


  1. Click on the arrow on the right-hand side of the bar.
  2. Select "Avis de Renouvellement Pacifica".

Your renewal notice is not available in the Pacifica app.

The insurance contracts and their options are provided by PACIFICA, the insurance company, subsidiary of Crédit Agricole SA. PACIFICA: Company regulated by the "Code des Assurances". Limited company with a consolidated capital of 442 524 390€ untied funds. Head office: 8-10 boulevard de Vaugirard - 75724 Paris cedex 15.352 358 865 RCS Paris. The events guaranteed and the conditons figure in the contract.

Your regional head office Crédit Agricole Normandie, registered with the ORIAS as a broker, issues this contract.