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Plan d'Epargne en Actions (PEA) / Share Savings Plan

For fiscal residents in France only

Plan d'Epargne en Actions

A dynamic savings plan over a medium or long term. Invest in French or European shares in fiscally advantageous way.

When you don’t have high income it’s important to plan ahead to be able to cover any unexpected expenses, or to carry out a project.

The dynamism of French and European shares

  • With the Share savings Plan (PEA) you can invest up to 150, 000€ on the stock market in France and in Europe via shares held directly or via mutual funds.
  • Share investments are notably meant to offer you the greatest potential in terms of return over the long term (minimum 5 years) on the condition that you accept to take a certain level of risk linked to the fluctuations in the markets.

Attractive taxation

  • From 5 years after opening your PEA, and benefit from the exoneration of tax(1) on gains made.
  • You can make partial withdrawals without automatically closing the account or recuperate all of your capital by closing your plan.
  • You can also opt for withdrawals under the form of a life annuity payment that is not taxed.

The PEA does not have a maximum term; keep it for as long as you wish and continue to benefit from the exoneration from tax(1) from any gains you make.

Invest at your pace

You choose how you wish to invest:

  • Programmed regular investments or
  • One off deposits.

Crédit Agricole has also created the "Investstore", a service of Assets online that enables you to follow and manage your investment portfolio online at any time of the day. Contact your advisor for full details of the offer that is available at CA Britline.

(1) Excluding social charges of 17.2.% and under the conditions of tax regulations applicable at 01/01/2020.