The 10 tips to protect you against fraud

1. Never give out your bank details

by email, telephone or on the Internet.

2. Keep your bank card safe

and separate from its confidential code.

3. Check your bank account regularly

to identify any suspicious debit.

4. Do not save your card details and delete them if you do not use them

for “one-off” internet purchases. Also check the reputation of the website before making a purchase (internet research or reviews, for example).

5. Use secure payment methods

(Paylib etc.) Contact your bank to find out about the solutions it offers.

6. Be careful with validation requests

if you have not made a purchase. These often take the form of a number to be provided, which could lead you to validate transactions for which you are not the author.

7. Do not open suspicious emails, their attachments and do not click on links

from message chains, from unknown senders or from a well-known sender with unusual or empty content.

8. Use complex passwords and change them if you have a doubt

Activate dual identification / strong authentification if available.

9. Regularly update your device, operating system

and installed software and applications.

10. Beware of fraudsters... Credit Agricole will never ask you for your codes or validate a transaction in order to cancel another... Hang up and call your advisor.