CA Britline

6 Easy Steps To Open Your Account

Check that you have all your supporting documents as these need to be uploaded and sent to us when opening your account online.
Complete your individual or joint bank account application online
and upload your documents.
Once your account application has been checked and is complete a CA Britline account advisor will contact you to discuss your banking requirements and answer any questions you may have.
You will receive an email with your bank account details to enable you
to make your first deposit.
Your contracts will be sent to you by post. These must be signed
and returned to us.
As soon as your contracts are back with us and your initial deposit has been credited onto your account your cheque book and bank card will be sent out.

You are now ready to open a current account!

  • Follow the process to complete your application.
  • Providing your application is complete and you have provided the correct supporting documents, you will receive your bank details within 5 working days.

Documents to be provided to support your application and some useful information when applying for an account

PROOF OF IDENTITY (per applicant)

  • 2 of the following: copy of passport, copy of photocard driving licence, copy of carte d’identité (for French nationals)
  • Original certified copy of passport (in this instance please post your documents to us)

If you are married but still using your maiden name, please also provide a copy of your marriage certificate.

Important Note: To obtain certification of your passport please contact your main bank, French Notaire, a solicitor registered with the Law Society of England & Wales or Scotland, or your local Mairie. Certification must be done within the last 3 months as per the following guidelines:

  • An official stamp must be applied.
  • The person certifying the document must print their name on the photo page, sign, write “original vu” (original seen) and add the date.

PROOF OF ADDRESS (per applicant)

2 of the following per applicant

  • Copy of  a Utility Bill (most recent gas, electricity, water, telephone or council tax)
  • Copy of a Bank Statement (from your main bank)
  • Copy of a P60 or Avis d'Imposition, HMRC or official government documentation
  • A letter from the person you are living with - stating that you are living with them, together with their proof of identification and 2 proofs of address.

Important Notes: We do not accept credit/store card statements, driving licences, or insurance/mortgage documents as proof of address.
Please note that proof of address documents should correspond to your fiscal address at the time of the account being opened. Contracts, means of payment and related codes will be sent to this address.

EVIDENCE OF INCOME (per applicant)

  • If Employed: Copies of your last 3 months wage slips (12 weeks if paid weekly).
  • If Self Employed: Copy of your most recent SA302 document or fully completed HMRC online tax calculation summary showing income earned and tax due OR a letter from your registered accountant on official headed paper, plus equivalent of SA302 online income & tax summary. Please do not send your full tax return.
  • If Retired: Copy of your most recent pension statement and/or evidence of income from investments.

In all cases documents should show your unique tax reference or PAYE, and correspond with the amount of income declared in your application.

SPECIMEN SIGNATURE (per applicant)

Signature should be on a blank sheet of white paper.

BANK STATEMENTS (per applicant)

Copies of your last 2 consecutive months bank statements showing general living expenditure & income.

Important Note: Your name, the name of your bank and account number must be clearly stated on bank statements provided


When opening your account an initial deposit of £2500/3000€ (1) is required.

NON-RESIDENTS in FRANCE: This can be sent in STERLING and converted into Euros by our recommended option, the "Britline International Payments Service". Click here for further info.
It is also possible to send a bank to bank transfer or a personal cheque(2). The 2 latter payments must come directly from a bank account in your name(2).

RESIDENTS in FRANCE switching to a CA Britline account from an existing French account can make a transfer in EUROS or send a personal cheque in Euros. These 2 payments must come directly from a bank account in your name(2).

A VISA DEBIT Card can be requested immediately once the account is opened. The annual card fee is currently 41.00€ for the first card and 20.50€ for the second card attached to the same account. (see principle banking fees for the associated charges at

INITIAL DEPOSIT Associated Fees(3)
Sending Receipt
Britline International Payment Transfer FREE if over £2500, otherwise £9 FREE
Sterling Bank TransferConsult sending bank 20.60€
Sterling Cheque Consult sending bank From 44.00€
Euro Sepa Transfer Consult sending bank FREE
Euro Cheque drawn on your French bank account FREE FREE
Euro Cheque drawn on your Euro bank account Consult sending bank From 28.00€
(1) A smaller initial deposit may be accepted (minimum 250 GBP/ 300€), however the Card issued in this instance is restricted (i.e. does not function at tolls or car parking meters).
(2) This must be an account held with a Bank in the EEA. Please note that Jersey, Guernsey and the Isle of Man are excluded. We cannot accept transfers directly from a money broker.
(3) Correct as of 01/01/2018