CA Britline

Using a Credit Agricole cash dispenser

Here are the key words that are found on the screens of our cash dispensers along with the English translation. This may differ for dispensers provided by other banks.

  • Composez votre code confidentiel = Enter your pin code.
  • Retrait = Cash withdrawal.
  • Solde = Consult your balance.
  • Historique = View your most recent transactions.
  • Virements = Transfer to another one of your CA Britline accounts.
  • RIB = Print your RIB (bank details including IBAN and BIC code).
  • Suite / Autres opérations = Next / other transactions (choose this to get to any of the above options when they do not appear on the screen).

Please note that these options are available on most Crédit Agricole cash dispensers throughout France.