CA Britline

Paying in slip

Making Life Easier

Paying in French cheques in Euros on to your CA Britline account just got easier!

Whether you are travelling around France or your main/secondary residence is outside of Normandy you can now pay in your € cheque* easily no matter where you are.

This is thanks to a paying in slip "remise de cheque" allowing you to include the bank code "code banque" of where your account is held.

Writing a French cheque

Therefore if you are depositing a cheque in a CA Normandie branch or a branch in another department look out for this paying in slip. Complete it with your full bank details and sign the cheque on the reverse.

From the end of 2017 these paying in slips will be included in your CA Britline chequebook so you will always have one to hand.

So wherever you are in France, ask for the REMISE DE CHEQUES DEPLACE and complete it with 16606 the "code banque" for CA Britline.

Alternatively continue to post your French cheques to CA Britline with your account number and signature on the reverse.

*Euro cheque payable in France only