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School insurance

Preparing for the new school year !

If you have children of school age in France, every September you are required to provide proof that they are covered for any damages they may cause to a third party. Known as “Assurance scolaire”, CA Britline offers this insurance at no extra cost as part of its house insurance policies. For French residents only.

For a more comprehensive cover, the “Accidents de la vie” (personal injury) provides 24/7 cover and you can benefit from additional services: for example if your child is unable to go to school for a long period of time as a result of an accident, a fully qualified tutor will come to your home. This is one of the many services provided with this product.

“Accidents de la vie” provides the following protection for you and your family! *

In case of need

Within 24 hours of having an accident, you can benefit from a range of services that will simplify your life : a home help, someone to look after your children and take them to and from school, someone to collect your medication from the pharmacy.

In the case of a serious accident

To help you cope, professional psychological support.

Guaranteed 50 € per day while you are in hospital

If you are more than 50 years old and hospitalised for more than 48 hours, you will receive 50 euros per days. You are free to use this money however you wish.

Compensation up to 2 million euros

If the injuries caused by your accident result in an incapacity equal to or greater than 5 % (DFP**). A few examples: the financial consequences of permanent disability, special modification to your car or home, assistance with changing occupation, the loss of your ability to work,…

In what situations will personal injury cover apply ?

  • Domestic accidents
  • Medical accidents
  • Aggression or criminal attempts
  • Natural and technological catastrophes
  • Road accidents, if you are a pedestrian, cyclist or on roller skates
  • Professional accidents, if you are self-employed or a farmer

*Assurance des accidents de la vie correct at 01/06/2018
** DFP – Déficit Fonctionnel Permanent (Permanent functional disability)