CA Britline

Making a cash withdrawal

Using a CA Debit card

By far the easiest way of withdrawing cash from your CA Britline account is by using a CA debit card at a cash distributor. If you do not yet have a card on your account, please call CA Britline so that we may order one for you.

Be aware that cards have monthly payment limits and cash withdrawal limits based on a 7 day rolling period. Should you require higher spending limits, call us to discuss the options available.

If you are sure that you are within your limits, but your card doesn’t appear to be working, call the office. It may be that your spending patterns are unusual so we have put a temporary block on the card to prevent fraudulent activity. This can be sorted out very easily.

If you have entered your PIN number incorrectly and your card is no longer working, larger branches of CA offer an unblocking service.

Using your chequebook

At some local branches of CA it is possible to withdraw cash using your chequebook. This is known as a "retrait déplacé" and is limited to 400€ per seven day rolling period. Please note that not all branches offer this service.

Mise à disposition (M.A.D)

If you need a larger amount of cash than your card limits allow, it is possible to arrange for a higher amount to be made available at your local branch for you to collect. The funds must be available on your account. Withdrawals are limited to 8000€ within a 6 month period. A "Mise à Disposition" can be requested through CA Britline by telephone, fax or email. A minimum notice period of 48 hours is required. To find out the arrangement fee please refer to our Principal banking fees.

To arrange a "Mise à Disposition" we will need the following information:

  • your passport or driving licence number (both if you are withdrawing the maximum amount at one time).
  • the amount that you wish to withdraw.
  • the address of the local branch where you wish to collect the funds.

We will then contact the branch to ascertain its opening hours and when the funds will be available. Please note that some smaller branches may need a longer notice period to obtain the funds and that they must be collected within 7 days of the agreed collection day.

When collecting your funds you must remember to take your passport and/or driving licence. This will ensure that there are no delays at the branch.