CA Britline

Lost chequebook & card


  • Call the CA Britline branch on (+33) 231 55 67 89 or,
  • In France, call 09 69 39 92 91 open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week (Please note when calling this number your call will be answered in French).
  • From abroad, call (+33) 9 69 39 92 91.

Cheques & cheque books

  • Call the CA Britline branch on (+33) 231 55 67 89 or send a fax on (+33) 233 72 54 72 with an immediate contact number.

Some security tips

Always keep your cards and cheque book in a safe place : never leave them in your car!
  • Cards
    > Make a note of the 16 digit card number and keep it in a safe place
    > Memorise the 4 digit P.I.N. code and never write it down
  • Cheques
    > Never pre-sign cheques

Are my means of payment already protected?

Yes your means of payment are protected if you hold a 'Compte Service' package on your account or the module 'Secure Account' which is available as part of the 'Compte à Composer*', Create and Combine in English!

Full conditions can be found on your contract or contact your CA Britline advisor for more details.

If you do not already have any cover please click here for further information.

*The limits and conditions of the guarantees found within the modules and options of the 'Compte à Composer' are provided in the insurance contracts. They are underwritten by the Caisse d’Assurances Mutuelles du Crédit Agricole (CAMCA), insurance company, 53 rue La Boétie, 75008 Paris, a company governed by the French Insurance Code. The «Compte à Composer» requires you to have already or at the same time, subscribed to the different contracts necessary for the chosen services.