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Secure payments by card online with 3D Secure

When you make online payments on websites which display the VISA card or MasterCard Secure Code logo, your payment is secured by the use of a single-use Security Code which you can receive by SMS to your mobile phone. For every payment of this type, a new Security Code will be sent to you.

How it works

  • After entering your full card number, expiry date and the 3 digit cryptogram from the back of the card, you will be transferred to the Secure Code identification page.
  • This page indicates the last four digits of the telephone number to which your code will be sent. To benefit from this service, your mobile telephone numbers must be correctly registered with us.
  • When you receive the code, enter this in the box provided.
  • Your payment is then validated and you can continue with your purchase.

If you have any difficulties, please call to speak to one of our advisors.

Please see examples of the 3D secure for MasterCard and Visa when making your online purchase.

Secure payments by card online with 3D Secure