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If you have received a letter in French entitled “Envoi de votre Sécuricode pour action”, here is what the letter is about:
Crédit Agricole offers you a quick and easy way to secure your online purchases:
SécuriPass can be activated in the Crédit Agricole "Ma Banque" mobile application.
With SécuriPass, you receive a notification on your smartphone allowing you to validate your online purchases instantly, without having to receive a code by text message.
We invite you to download our "Ma Banque" application to take advantage of this service now.
Click here to have a look at demos on how to download the app and activate Sécuripass.

However, if you have not activated the SécuriPass service, the validation process for your online purchases will change:
You will have to use a new code (SécuriCode) in addition to the single-use code that you usually receive by SMS on your phone.


Are my day-to-day functionalities affected (consulting my account, transferring money, using my card in shops)?

No, Sécuricode and Sécuripass only concern online payments.

What will change when I make an online payment?

If you have already activated Sécuripass, nothing will change.
If you have not activated the Sécuripass service, on the Crédit Agricole authentication page, when validating your online purchase, you will now have to enter two separate codes:

  • On the 1st screen, as usual, the code received by SMS (numerical code with 6 digits).
  • Then on a 2nd screen, your new SécuriCode (alphanumeric code, 1 letter and 3 digits).

Your personal SecuriCode is indicated on the letter you received in French. It is unique and we strongly advise you to keep the letter for future reference.

I moved recently, what if the letter was sent to the wrong address?

If you think the letter was not send to your current address, please contact us with a signed instruction and a proof of residence. We will update your address and issue you a new Sécuricode.

Alternatively, you can download the Ma Banque application and activate your Sécuripass to validate your payments on your smartphone directly.

Why was the letter in French?

We try wherever possible to send our written communications in English but in some circumstances, this is not possible.
The letter referred to in the email has been generated automatically by our Head Office which is why an English version was not available. We have therefore tried to anticipate questions by sending the email in English explaining the key points of the new enhanced security measures that are being put into place for online card payments.

What if I don’t have a smartphone?

With Sécuricode, there is no need to have a smartphone. The 2-factor authentication process goes as follows:

  • You enter a one-time code that is sent via SMS message on the telephone number we have registered for you on our system.
  • You enter the permanent Sécuricode you received by letter. This code will not change.

If you would like further information, click here to access our Guide to Sécuricode and Sécuripass.