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Tax exemption 2021

Tax exemption 2020

You are fiscally resident in France and hold one or several taxable savings products. Therefore the interest and dividends received in 2021 from these investments will be subject to income tax.

Furthermore, they are subject to a debit that is made directly at source, which constitutes of an advance payment on the tax due in 2022.

To be exempt from the advance payment on your investments held a request for exemption must be registered(1). This depends on your annual income tax reference that is written on your 2020 tax statement, and must be carried out in each banking establishment where you hold taxable savings products. Please note exemption from the advance payment does not constitute exoneration from income tax.

You may download and complete the tax exemption form. Please return it to us before the 30th November 2020 along with a copy of your 2020 tax declaration by:

  • post to Credit Agricole Britline, 15, esplanade Brillaud de Laujardiere, CS 25014 - 14050 CAEN Cedex 4
  • or by e-mail to

Contact CA Britline on 02 31 55 67 89(2), should you have any questions.

A guide to the eligibility criteria
To be exempt from the 2021 advance tax payment your annual income tax reference (shown on your 2020 tax statement) from 2019 must not exceed:
25 000 € for a single person and 50 000 € for a couple subject to joint taxation for interest.
50 000€ for a single person and 75 000 € for a couple subject to joint taxation for dividends.
If you are eligible, the exemption from the advance tax payment must be registered each year.

(1) Your signed statement of honour must be signed by all adult members that make up your fiscal household.
(2) Local costs apply when phoning within France from a fixed line.
CA Britline is available to tax residents in the United Kingdom, Ireland and France. Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel de Normandie - Head Office: 15, esplanade Brillaud-de-Laujardière - CS 25014 - 14050 CAEN CEDEX 4 – Cooperative company with variable capital, registered as a credit company - 478 834 930 RCS Caen - Insurance brokerage company registered under matricule Nr 07.