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Cap Découverte

Regular saving is a great way to provide a cash sum later in life

Cap Découverte

Whether it's putting something away for a special anniversary, the holiday of a lifetime or perhaps to help pay for your child or grandchild's future university costs, Britline Regular Savings Plans are the simple way to make the most of tomorrow.

It's good to know there is a secure way to save!

The "Cap Découverte" is a great introduction to life insurance for anyone over the age of 16 years. From only 20€ per month you can set aside your investment over time. For young adults (16-30 years) deposits can be just 15€.

A contract with flexibility!

Saving money is not always easy! "Cap Découverte" allows you to take a break from your payments at any time. In the event of financial difficulties, you can recover all or part of the accumulated capital (1).

For whom?

Applicable to French residents only. For all those who want a simple solution that allows the accumulation of capital for the future, or to deal with the unexpected. Crédit Agricole has developed a simple and affordable life insurance policy. Britline Advisors are at your disposal to help you make the right choice between the types of contract depending on your situation and your projects.

How does it work?

Financial formulas... With "Cap Découverte", the payments you make are automatically invested on "financial supports". These financial supports are called "Euro" funds or funds known as "units of account".
With "Cap Découverte" you can save at your own pace. Your payments will be invested as follows:

Cap Découverte

  • Euro Security to receive an annual return fee, knowing you can save with complete security.
  • "Atout Prem's Actions" to take your first steps in the financial market with maximum protection of paid-up capital.

Flexible and easy saving...

You can stop and start, increase or decrease your deposits depending on your situation. If you need some or all of your savings to fulfil one of your projects no problem! You can always recover the capital; simply make a "redemption"(1), the term used for life insurance that allows you to recover all or part of the funds accumulated on your contract without justification!(4). In the case of partial or total redemption of your contract, after 8 years, specific fiscality regulations will be applied. (2)

In case of death, the capital of your contract is paid to your designated beneficiary (ies) who will benefit from a pre-tax deduction(3).
(1) The tax at time of redemption will depend on how long the contract has been in force.
(2) The amount of tax payable decreases over time. After 8 years, any funds withdrawn are taxed after a specific allowance is applied.
(3) According to regulations (Sections 757 B and 990 I of the General Tax Code).
(4) French residents; NEW 2013 tax legislation for French residents state that savings products with fixed revenues will have the same rate of tax applied as your income tax rates. Effective from the 01/01/2013, an advance of 24% will be deducted at source from the interest earned and will then be taken into account when calculating your tax liability for the year in which you received the interest. The complete terms of the contract are contained in the "Cap Découverte" Information Form. “Cap Découverte” is a life and health insurance Multi insurance contract without guarantee capital subscribed by the ANDECAM with PREDICA Company, a subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances. Company governed by the Insurance Code with capital fully paid 915,874,005 euros - Registered office: 50-56 rue de la Procession 75015 PARIS - RCS Paris 334 028 123. This agreement is distributed by your local Agricultural Credit Bank, registered with ORIAS as a broker. References to your insurance broker fund are available or your agency Credit Agricole. Versatile media Atout Prem's Actions and Atout Pulsactions are managed by Amundi, a subsidiary of Credit Agricole Group, a management company approved by the AMF under number GP 04000036. S.A. capital of € 584,710,755. Head Office: 90, boulevard Pasteur - 75015 Paris - 437 574 452 RCS Paris. These materials are not accompanied by a capital guarantee. The information from these two funds are available in our branches and at Britline. Check with your advisor about the availability and conditions of the Bonus Young assets and supply "Cap Découverte" in our Regional Agricultural Credit Bank. The interest rate is correct as at 01/06/2013 and is subject to change without prior notice.