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What is Assurance-Vie?

  • It is designed for those who are looking to invest in a tax-efficient way.
  • Helps when making preparations for the passing on of assets to relatives in the event of their death.

We offer a range of investment opportunities within funds ranging from low to high risk.

Funds are invested, based on your personal circumstances and attitude to risk, either on:

Euro Funds

  • No minimum term.
  • Your investments available at all times.
  • No investment limit.

Managed Funds

  • Higher risks associated with this type of investment.
  • Potential for greater rewards which could improve your portfolio performance.

Please take note of the minimum term recommended for each investment.

Can I access my funds if I need to?

  • Yes you are able to make a partial withdrawal at any time during the life of the policy, although certain policies require that a minimum balance remains for the policy to stay in place.
  • Any withdrawals are made up of capital and interest, proportional to their value within the contract.
  • Tax may be payable on the interest part of the funds you withdraw, depending on the time they have been in your policy.
  • For tax-efficiency, we advise that funds are held for a minimum of 8 years.

What happens in the event of the death of the policyholder?

  • Funds are passed directly to the specified beneficiaries written into the contract.
  • There is no inheritance tax due for any monies left to your spouse (either married or PACSE).

Contact your advisor for full details of the offer that is available at CA Britline.