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Private banking to help you realise your French dream

CA Britline provides English-speaking, personalised private banking & wealth management services. We provide a helping hand so you can make your financial decisions with access to our expert network, together with some of the best products in the market.

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Good relationships are key to delivering excellent banking services.

For CA Britline Private Banking clients, providing a personal service is at the heart of what we do.

Whether you are currently living in France, a second home owner with a French property, looking to retire, or a working professional planning to relocate, our advisors can help.

We offer a full range of services from day-to-day banking to handholding through the life cycle of specific projects. Products and services include Life Insurance, Estate Planning, Pensions, Savings & Property Investments; always offering various solutions for a specific situation.

In addition, CA Britline has an extensive network of contacts: legal advisors, property specialists and French Notaires. So, we can direct you to the appropriate person who can help. Together, we can help you to realise your French dream.

Our Private Banking & Wealth Management Services

Current Accounts & Global Currency Exchange

Open a bank account at CA Britline and you will have all of the banking services you would expect. Individual or joint accounts, a range of bank cards to suit your needs, global currency transfers, savings, insurance and more. With a difference: you will have access to your own private banker, a named contact who can help you deal with day-to-day expenses and queries. With regard to specialist currency services, your private bank advisor can help you set-up any money transfers and handle any queries..

Wealth Management

We help clients to transfer their assets to France. Your CA Britline advisor will find equivalent products to those you are familiar with in the UK or another country, taking advantage of the fiscal regulations such as opening a tax-efficient Assurance Vie or Share Account. When you need expert advice we can introduce you to the right person, for example an English-speaking French Notaire for property wealth management.


If you have seen your dream home you wish to buy in France and you need a mortgage, we can help. For example, you may wish to finance a property and find the most tax efficient way of French property ownership. CA Britline offers mortgages to those who are permanent residents in France as well as non-residents. You can borrow to purchase a second home or a main property in France, construct a new build, renovate an existing property, re-mortgage or secure a bridging loan.


CA Britline prides itself on being a ‘One Stop Shop’ for clients, to help English-speakers find the appropriate insurance product for their needs. Car, House, Health, Travel, Pet, Personal Injury, Life… we understand you. Crédit Agricole is also the n° 1 bank insurance provider in France. CA Britline are not intermediaries; however, we will always offer various solutions to a given situation or need. As part of our service we propose at least two products, with no financial advantage for selling one over the other.

Pensions, Savings & Investments

If you are in a higher tax band our advisors can advise on Pension Plans to reduce your income tax burden and discuss strategies for bringing your pensions into France. This includes advice on currency strategies, current accounts and using our Britline International Payments Service (BIPS). Investing in property is increasingly popular in France, useful for potentially maximising the value of your private pension. If you are a high income earner, Square Habitat (part of the Crédit Agricole group) provide opportunities to invest your pension funds in off plan property developments. This enables clients to invest in bricks and mortar, reducing their tax liability.
In France, there are a wide variety of savings accounts available to suit short, medium and long-term objectives: Instant access and fixed term savings accounts; Stock market related investments; and Assurance Vie/ life assurance policies. Benefit from the financial expertise offered by our partners to get the best savings solution to suit your lifestyle and objectives.

Protecting your property

Knowing that our home is secure, protected and that our loved ones are safe is a natural desire, which is why the use of home security systems are increasingly popular. CA Britline offers a solution: Ma Protection Maison home security system, which features sensors and detectors that activate alarms should an intrusion occur. For more details of this smart technology system, read more on the Ma Protection Maison page or speak to your advisor.

Estate Planning & Inheritance

In France, the laws of succession are complex. Therefore, it makes sense to plan your life investments and inheritance carefully. Our private banking advisors help you plan ahead, ensuring loved ones receive their inheritance in the most tax efficient way. We discuss the various life assurance options so that should you pass away your beneficiaries are not penalised. One solution is an Assurance Vie. The Assurance Vie is a savings and life assurance plan which enables you to make tax efficient investments. It is particularly useful for planning your inheritance, allowing individuals to name specified beneficiaries with tax advantages.

A trusted network of specialists and advisors

CA Britline is one of France’s largest banks, with access to a comprehensive network of specialist advisors. So, if we are unable to provide a specific service – for example, specialist tax advice or planning, estate planning, legal advice or accounting – we are able to introduce you to the people who can.

Our Advisors


Private Banker
Russell is a Conseiller en Gestion de Patrimoine and looks after our Private Banking clients at CA Britline, together with his colleague Karen Donegan.
Russell joined CA Britline in 2004 and has worked in variety of roles; he has lived in France since 2001. This experience has given him a good understanding of clients who need help with a variety of private banking and wealth management services.
Russell’s job is to help clients realise their projects, providing a personalised service from start to finish. Russell assists clients with their day-to-day banking needs as well as advising on specific products and services.


Private Banker
Karen is a Conseiller Spécialisé, working with her colleague Russell Wakefield to look after clients who have private banking requirements.
Karen moved to France in 2003, joining CA Britline in 2011. Karen’s key priority is to provide excellent customer service and total satisfaction, offering a ‘one-stop-shop’ element to banking clients. This includes meeting all their needs, whether it is day-to-day banking, mortgages or loans, savings, investments or insurances. She offers a human aspect to banking, advising on other aspects of life in France in general.

Whether you are planning your retirement in France or seeking to relocate as a professional living and working in France, Russell and Karen can help you realise your dreams and ambitions.