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Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts

CA Britline is proud to partner Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts who open gardens throughout France to help fund charitable causes.

Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts

Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts is a registered association (no.W232001865), which encourages owners to open their gardens to the public. Admission is by an annual Membership Card (10€) which entitles the holder to visit any of the gardens throughout the year on their stated open days. Visitors also have the option of purchasing the Anniversary Card which, in addition to allowing access to the regular gardens, includes free entry to some of France’s most admired gardens which have been credited with the label of "Jardin Remarquable" or similar. The proceeds are donated to charitable organisations in France.

Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts

Join the association

Annual Membership – 10€. The annual standard registration fee costs only 10€ and the reason it is so inexpensive is because Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts want as many people as possible to enjoy the pleasures of beautiful gardens. However, by purchasing an annual card, not only will you be entitled to visit any of our gardens anywhere in France throughout the year, you will also be donating directly to charitable causes.

There really aren’t many nicer ways to pass a day than sitting in a beautiful garden with a cup of tea in one hand, cake in the other, in the company of fellow gardeners. The knowledge that you will be contributing towards an increasing number of French charities must surely make the experience even more enjoyable. It is this combination that inspires their motto "Gardening and the spirit of generosity". Search for gardens near you.

Get Involved

More and more people are enjoying being involved in Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts. Gardening and raising money for charitable causes is a wonderful combination, having decided that you want to help them make the association a national success, the next stage is "How?"

For more details about Open Gardens/Jardins Ouverts visit their website and although all the headings are in French, every page is in both French and English.