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For when you are buying or selling French property, need advice on inheritance and many other matters

Ashtons Legal

Sometimes we all need a helping hand, it’s true.

When we are thinking of buying or selling a home in France, perhaps planning our inheritance or need to resolve other legal matters, there are occasionally quite complex matters to consider.

Certainly, buying a French home and achieving your dream move is exciting. However, with any legal transaction there are plenty of i’s to be dotted and t’s to be crossed – and if you are not fluent in the French language, it may seem daunting.

That’s why here at Credit Agricole Britline we have teamed-up with Ashtons Legal who are based in the UK. This partnership ensures our customers have access to the best advice and guidance, complementing the services offered by the bank.

Ashtons Legal offers a French legal service led by Matthew Cameron, a qualified solicitor with more than 10 years’ experience in dealing with matters relating to law in France.

Ashtons Legal

Matthew and his team are specialists in advising British people and other nationalities in all kinds of legal and contractual issues. Examples include property transactions, drawing up wills, cross-border tax, inheritance, dispute resolution and more. Ashtons can liaise with French Notaires, estate agents and other relevant parties on your behalf.

Deciding how to leave your estate when you pass away is another important matter that expats should to think about. Under the EU Succession Regulation (EU 650/2012) that came into effect in 2015, UK residents who live in an EU Member State can decide for example to apply British law to their estate. This includes holiday home owners as well as permanent residents. However; this law only relates to how the estate is managed – and not the taxation. So you will still pay the same amount of tax under French law but can decide who to leave your assets to. Important note: Brexit does not affect this situation as the regulation applies to UK residents living in Members State such as France & Germany etc.

If you would like to discuss any French legal matters please go to our Partners page.