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Worried about the Pound/Euro Exchange rate and when to purchase your currency?
During times of economic and political uncertainty, world currency markets fluctuate more than ever, now is one of those times.
Unsurprisingly, we’ve had a lot of calls from customers asking us how they should handle their current and future currency purchases during this period of uncertainty.
Without a crystal ball we will never be able to give you all of the answers! Whether you are looking to change your Pounds in to Euros or send Euros back to Pounds, we hope to give you some pointers that will help you make more informed decisions about how to deal with your currency purchases over the forthcoming weeks and times of high fluctuation in the future.
So what can you do?
Quite simply, speak to an expert! If you haven’t already done so then you won’t be alone. At the Britline International Payments Service we have a team of experts who are here to help you and once they understand your personal situation they can help you to make a plan. Call the team on
0044 (0) 1753 752 760.
UK High Street banks are not usually able to offer the same range of services or advice that our experts can, so if you usually use your High Street Bank then try speaking to one of our experts to see how they can help.
Don’t ignore things and wait for everything to 'blow over'!
When facing the unknown, it can be tempting to just bury your head in the sand and wait until the situation becomes clearer.
The danger with this strategy is that your options are then very limited. Of course this is great if you get the result you want, but less so if you are backed into a corner as a result of having done nothing.
Use your window of opportunity
The larger your window of opportunity during any period of instability and uncertainty the greater chance you give yourself of achieving the best exchange rate for you. Take action and address your options sooner rather than later.
Assess your attitude to risk
To choose the right strategy to suit your needs, it is essential that you know how much risk you want to or can afford to take. Which of the 3 categories below do you fit into?
High risk taker
Very flexible budget.  
No specific timescales.  
Comfortable with more volatile investments such as stocks and shares.  
Do Nothing, adopt a "wait and see" attitude: win or lose.  
Use our budget table below to ensure you are comfortable with the risks.  
Medium risk taker
Comfortable with a certain level of risk.  
Flexible budget.  
Prefers a blended approach, not putting all your eggs in one basket.  
Work out your total currency requirement over the next few months.  
Buy some now and some later.  
Low risk taker
Wants to eliminate currency risks.
Feels uncomfortable gambling.
Fixed or tight budget.
Likes to set deadlines.
Cover your exposure now.  
Check you have the available funds and your recipient details easily accessible, so you're prepared when you feel it's the right time to make a transfer.  
For transactions over £10,000 you can secure your exchange rate to reduce risks with a forward contract. This means you can buy the currency now and pay the majority of the cost later.  
What are you waiting for?
If you’re a high or medium risk taker, the budget table below could help you to set some clear boundaries as to what targets you would like to wait for. Most importantly, you can set a backup plan to work out a minimum rate of exchange that you would be comfortable with.
Budget table
  Euros bought
at current
rate: 1.27*
  Impact of
one cent move
  If rates move
down to 1.10
  If rates move
up to 1.40
*The above figures are based on the interbank rate, correct as of 15:00 on 30/03/2016* , and are provided for indicative purposes only. The interbank rate is the rate at which banks and brokers buy and sell money to each other. Private individuals and small to medium businesses cannot access these rates. For a quote, please contact us.
What next?
If you are currently in the process of buying or selling a property or simply have to move money over to France or back to the UK and have other questions about what options are available to you, then speak to a member of the Britline International Payments team on
0044 (0) 1753 752 760.
Not yet Registered with Britline International Payments ?
It’s free to register and you can be checking our live exchange rates 24/7 and making transfers online in only a few minutes.
TOP TIP: For transfers over £10,000 call the team today and discuss your options - you may be surprised!

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