CA Britline

The Mobile Banking App My Britline created Just for you

The Mobile Banking App My Britline

The mobile banking app My Britline is available through the App Store (1) and Google Play (2) free of charge* and most importantly in English.

You can:

  • Check your balance, the transactions on your account, and if you hold a deferred debit card, the ongoing transactions for the month.
  • Give your accounts a name (only available through the app).
  • Make transfers.
  • Call emergency numbers (e.g. following the loss of your card and/or chequebook, contacting  Pacifica to make an insurance claim).

To make the most of the functions available through the app My Britline, you must subscribe through the CA Store which is free of charge.

What is the CA Store?

The CA Store is a gateway to a variety of applications for all smartphones and tablets regardless of their brand. It is made up of all Credit Agricoles national and regional applications including My Britline.

It is free to subscribe and can be done in 6 easy steps!

6 easy steps
Go to App Store (1) or GooglePlay (2) depending on the type of mobile device you have. Under the ‘Apps’ search for My Britline.
Open My Britline and click on I am a Britline customer,
then Register New User.
Choose a username and a password to use only on CA Store. BE CAREFUL! For security reasons your CA Store username and password must be different from your account number and your 6 digit personal access code which enables you to manage your account on
Link your online account using your account number and your personal 6 digit access code (these are the ones you use to call Britline or when managing your account online).
You will receive a confirmation e-mail.
Click on this to activate your CA Store account.
Log in and enjoy My Britline.

To download the My Britline app click on the relevant logo below

itune googleplay


If you are experiencing difficulties regarding the following:

  • 1st Connection-Demos-Please click here for smartphones or here for tablets. NB: Register as a New User.
  • Non-receipt of Activation Account e-mail - Please check your spam box in the event that your e-mail has been dispatched there. If not re-connect to CA Store and reconfirm your email address, regional bank, account number and banking code, saving (sauvegarder) as you go.
  • Linking the app to your online account - Please click here for further information.
  • Forgotten password and/or ID - Please click here to see the online demo.
  • Notification that my email address is already registered This situation may occur if you have already subscribed to another Crédit Agricole App and your email is already in the system. Please follow the link to the CA Store, click on the button Se Connecter, identify yourself with your existing ID and password used for your previous app, confirm your details again and save.


I can't find the app to download

Please click on one of the below logos depending on the make of your smartphone or tablet
itunes googleplay

I had set up My Britline successfully. Now when I log in I get an error message saying the app cannot be found.

Please uninstall and reinstall the app and check that you are using the latest version; Android 1.4. (This will be shown in parameters/applications/my britline and next to the logo the version 1.4).

How to understand the "monthly balance calculation"

The figure shows you the total amount of credits and debits to your account for the current month. If your credits to the account during the month exceed your expenditure this figure will be positive. Alternatively, if expenditure exceeds your credits this figure will be negative.

How can I use this to my advantage?
If the trend continues to be a negative balance this is the opportunity for you to review your regular top ups on the account.
With many of our customers based in the UK and needing to send money to their CA Britline accounts from their local bank accounts, we have now introduced a new dedicated service exclusively for our customers: The Britline International Payments Service. More Info
If the trend continues to be a positive balance this is the opportunity for you to look at and discuss the savings options available to you. For more information click here or contact us to discuss further.

The transactions I see on the screen are showing the oldest first therefore I have to keep scrolling down to the bottom of the page.

This problem affects i-phones and i-pads only and has been identified. For the next update of the app this will be corrected.


A new beneficiary has been added to my account by the team at CA Britline. It automatically appears on my online banking, but I cannot see it on the My Britline app.

Beneficiaries applied to your current account by CA Britline for transfer of funds will not appear on the app immediately. It will take 24 hours. However, you can see them and transfer funds to them via your online banking with immediate effect.

Still haven't answered your question?
Please contact us by e-mail providing the following information:

  • The type of problem encountered
  • Screen shots of any error messages you may have
  • The make and model of your smartphone or tablet.

Upon receipt of your query we will look in to the problem and get back in touch with you as soon as possible.


CA Store General User Conditions
In order to use the application it is necessary to possess a compatible device which allows access to the internet, subscription to the CA online service and creation of a CA Store account.

*Free access by internet (excluding fees charged by your service provider)
(1) App Store is a trademark registered under the name of Apple Inc.
(2) Android™ and Google Play are trademarks of Google Inc.