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Personal injury

Personal injury (French residents only)

Every year 11 million French people are victims of a domestic accident and regular and/or compulsory insurance policies do not cover such risks. This is why Crédit Agricole offers a personal injury insurance policy: an essential individual or family policy to cover personal accidents.
* (Source: National Institute for Consumer Affairs, 2015)


A personal injury insurance policy provides compensation in the event of physical injury resulting in permanent functional impairment of 1% or more: loss of income, providing someone to be with you, taking into account your loss of quality of life etc., as well as assistance services.


Everyone: families, children and adults under 74 years of age living in France permanently.


In everyday life

Cover for domestic accidents, falls, injuries, fractures, burns in the home, when participating in sporting or leisure activities, or out walking, cycling or roller-skating etc.

School insurance

Personal injury insurance includes school insurance for your children at school, and for after-school and extra-curricular activities. This policy pays you compensation according to the losses suffered (damage caused to property, damaged glasses, theft of a school bag or musical instrument etc.) and also covers injuries suffered and caused by your children (Civil Liability). Your children are therefore equally protected for all of their activities both inside and outside school.

At work

For artisans, sole traders, farmers or independent professions: additional occupational accident cover in the event of injuries caused by machinery, falling from scaffolding etc. (optional cover for sole traders and independent professions, compulsory for artisans and farmers).

For exceptional circumstances

Medical accidents: a problem linked to an anaesthetic, infection during a hospital stay etc. or an assault, attack, natural or industrial disaster (storm, flood, avalanche, forest fire, collapse of a building etc.). The cover applies abroad for stays of up to 3 months.

Cover applies abroad (for stays of up to 3 months).


Basic Plan ("Formule Initiale")
To cover you for personal accidents (including accidents at school and leisure) and accidents due to natural or industrial disasters.

Comprehensive Plan ("Formule Intégrale")
To cover you, in addition to the events covered by the Basic Plan, in the event of medical accidents, attacks, offences or assaults, or accidents linked to participating in high-risk sports.

No medical procedure is required on subscription.


  • In the event of an accident, there is a whole range of services to help on a daily basis, even where there is no permanent functional impairment.
  • Practical support*: just call the Freephone number and our assistance services will help you to find a doctor if yours is on holiday and assist you with the paperwork etc.
  • A home help after 48 hours of hospitalisation or immobilisation (1): a nurse, domestic help, childminder for children under 15 years of age, someone to look after your pet etc.
  • Home delivery of your medication.
  • Homeschooling: if your child is unable to go to school for several weeks, they may qualify for home tutoring from the 16th day of absence.
* From Monday to Saturday, from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. (French time).


Crédit Agricole will pay compensation:
  • So you can carry on with your every-day-life worry-free.
  • With an intervention threshold of 1% permanent functional impairment (PFI).
  • Which takes into account any loss of quality of life (including suffering and disfigurement), a drop in your income, adapting your home or vehicle, and providing someone to be with you if necessary.

Good to know

For those over 50
  • Heavy blow ("Coup Dur") 50/50: Pays €50 per day if you are hospitalised for more than 48 hours (limited to 60 days per year).
  • Cover extended to your grandchildren: If you look after your grandchildren under 18 for a day, or during the school holidays, they are also covered under your policy.
For those under 26
  • Psychological support in the event of bullying or cyber-bullying.
  • • Cover for damage to possessions in the event of accidents (broken glasses, for example), as well as theft (including school bags and materials etc).

Download the insurance product information in French: Personal injury insurance

The personal injury insurance policy will compensate me in the event of "permanent fuctional impairment" (equal to or above the intervention threshold of 1%). what does that mean?

Permanent functional impairment is the irreversible loss of one or more physical, intellectual or sensory capabilities. It may be partial or total. For example, it may be the loss of the sense of smell, of a finger, or a leg etc. The impairment is determined by a specialist doctor: it is what we commonly refer to as "invalidity".

And in the event of disfigurement?

Crédit Agricole's personal injury insurance policy compensates for medically recognised disfigurement (on a scale of 0 to 7) where the permanent functional impairment is 1% or greater.

Aren't I automatically insured for this type of accident under the civil liability cover included in my home insurance?

Civil liability covers damages that you may cause to others. Personal injury insurance is the only insurance to cover damages that you may suffer "alone", without involving the liability of a third party.

Aren't my children already insured through their school insurance?

School insurance is perfect for providing cover for minor problems, such as a stolen jacket or broken glasses. But in the event of an accident, the amount of compensation is usually substantially lower than that provided by personal injury insurance. Besides, school insurance generally only covers your child in or after school. Personal injury insurance covers your children for all of the above situations both at school and at home and for all their activities, even on holiday. So both you and your children are fully insured through a single policy!

What happens in the event of an accident at work?

Occupational accidents are covered directly by the accidents at work scheme, managed by the Social Security system or any other obligatory service. However, personal injury insurance offers additional Occupational Accident cover for sole traders, independent professions, artisans and farmers (compulsory additional cover for the last 2 categories). This covers the consequences of any physical injuries arising during the activity declared in the policy.

Does personal injury insurance automatically terminate when reaching a certain age?

Not at all: Crédit Agricole can support you throughout your lifetime, if you wish. You just need to take out a personal injury insurance policy before the age of 74.

Am I covered if I am the victim of an accident whilst on holiday abroad?

Of course! Your cover applies worldwide (provided your stay does not exceed 3 months) and your compensation is settled under French law. In addition, in such cases, we will arrange and pay for your repatriation.

(1) Immobilisation is defined as the inability to carry out essential everyday tasks, confirmed by a medical certificate and requiring help from someone else to carry out the tasks in question. The personal injury insurance policy is provided by PACIFICA, the general insurance subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances. PACIFICA, a Limited Company with a fully paid-up capital of €281,415,225, regulated by the Insurance Code – Registered office: 8/10, Boulevard de Vaugirard 75724 Paris Cedex 15 – Paris Trade and Companies Register (RCS) 352 358 865. This policy is provided by your Crédit Agricole Caisse Régionale, registered as an insurance broker with the ORIAS* under the no. 07 022 868. Caisse Régionale de Crédit Agricole Mutuel Normandie, a cooperative company with variable capital and an approved credit institution – Registered office at 15 Esplanade Brillaud de Laujardière, CS 25014, 14050 CAEN CEDEX 4 – Registered on the Caen RCS under the number 478 834 930 – Insurance broker, registered on the Register of Insurance Intermediaries under the no. 07 022 868. *ORIAS = Organisme pour le registre des intermédiaires en assurance = Register of Insurance Intermediaries