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Fighting for your rights – don’t be out of pocket

Our legal expenses cover will protect you and help you pursue your rights – so you don’t have to worry about the costs.

Legal protection

Life can present us with challenges at times.

We may experience a personal injury as a result of an accident, for example. Alternatively we may have a dispute over consumer goods or services or an issue relating to our home and property.

These situations can of course be stressful – and expensive. And if we are not confident communicating our grievance in French, the circumstances may feel overwhelming.

There is a solution however: Legal Protection Insurance.

What is a Legal Protection Insurance policy?

It is an insurance policy offering protection to you and your family, when you need it most.

Legal Protection Insurance is sometimes called Legal Expenses Insurance. In French, it is known as Protection Juridique. The policy is a contract insured by Pacifica (general insurance subsidiary of Crédit Agricole Assurances) to cover legal costs and expenses. You can then obtain advice and assistance for legally defensible disputes related to your personal life and in specific employment disagreements.

Who can be insured for Legal Protection Insurance?

The following people are eligible for cover under our Legal Protection Insurance policy:

  • You or the person who subscribes to the policy.
  • Your spouse or common-law spouse from who you are not separated; any child dependents, as well as any person habitually living in your household.
  • French property owners.

Please get in touch if you need to check your eligibility for Legal Protection Insurance.

What issues can be covered under a Legal Protection Insurance policy?

Crédit Agricole Britline’s Legal Protection Insurance policy offers comprehensive cover in the following legally defensible dispute situations:

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  • Legal Defence
  • Personal injury, accidents and health related matters
  • Consumer purchases
  • Property damage to your principal and/or secondary residence, whether you are the owner or tenant
  • Property Sale or Purchase
  • Employment conflicts, if you are an employee
  • Employment conflicts, if you are an individual and you employ a housekeeper or childcare assistant
  • Personal Identity Fraud
  • Social Media defamation
  • Probate: disputes relating to the administration of an estate, bequest or gift, between heirs in the direct line of the deceased and with his or her surviving spouse
  • Tax: in fiscal matters, housing tax and property tax; in relation to income tax, only in recourse if you have received a proposal of adjustment
  • Paternity law disputes
  • Disputes related to placement of the insured under guardianship or protection

I do not live permanently in France; however I own a property. Can I apply for Legal Protection Insurance?

Legal Protection Insurance is only available to tax residents in France. If you do not live permanently in France but own a French property owner, please contact us for further information as we may be able to help.

How much can I insure for Legal Protection Insurance?

There are minimum and maximum limits for each claim.

The minimum amount that you can claim for is 150€ and the maximum claim amount is limited to 20,000€ per dispute for allowable expenses – and inclusive of tax.

The insurance cover will pay for fees and other relevant expenses within the minimum and maximum claim amounts.

What happens if I need to claim against my Legal Protection Insurance policy?

Please contact Pacifica as soon as possible. The policy requires that you declare any claim incident within a period of 30 business days, from the time that you become aware of it.

Pacifica's Legal Protection Advisors will discuss with you during the call the following:-

  • The purpose of your claim and the dispute.
  • Information about your rights and advise you about the steps you need to take, including those which could find an amicable solution, or
  • Advise how to seek independent legal advice.

Please note that any court costs and legal fees are handled according to the limits and conditions set by your contract.

Legal Service business contact hours

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  • Monday – Friday 8:30 am to 7:00 pm
  • Saturday from 9:00 am to 4:00 pm
  • Calls from France please call 0 800 813 810 (free call and assistance) or in UK/ abroad +33 2 35 59 42 78*

Are there any exemptions under a Legal Protection Insurance policy?

CA Britline’s Legal Protection provides comprehensive cover, however, the following disputes are not included under our policy:

  • When the amount of the claim is less than the minimum or more than the maximum threshold.
  • If the essential elements are known to you before the effective date of the contract.
  • Conflicts in business or professional life that do not involve an employee.
  • Family law disputes (for example divorce).
  • Any disputes related to construction and work on real estate/development.

To better understand all of the exclusions, please refer to the terms and conditions in your policy.

I have Legal Protection Insurance but need further legal advice. What should I do?

The CA Britline Legal Protection Insurance policy can ensure that you receive reimbursement for a legally defensible claim including solicitors’ fees.

You should contact a solicitor if you need legal advice and guidance.

How do I obtain a quote for a Legal Protection Insurance policy?

If you require a quote for a new policy with CA Britline or you wish to move from another insurance provider, we can help.

Crédit Agricole Britline’s friendly team of English speaking, bilingual advisors shall be pleased to provide a quote and the cost of the policy to give you and your family the protection and cover that is required.

* Local costs apply when phoning within France from a fixed line. Check with your service provider when calling from abroad. Free access by internet (excluding fees charged by your service provider).
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