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Available to Fiscal residents and non-residents in France

Why pay for things that you don't need?

Combine & Create
A base of essential services with modules to select from according to your needs.

With the "Compte à Composer", you choose the services that correspond best to your day-to-day needs and you benefit from reductions depending on your choice of package.

The "Compte à Composer" is an offer that is tailored to your needs and can adapt to unexpected obstacles that life can put in your way, as well as to your changing lifestyle. This package is built from a base plus different modules selected according to your needs, plus "à la carte" options. The more services you include the cheaper the fees.

The base

Enables you to manage your current account on a daily basis thanks to a package of essential services.

The modules

Each module offers you a selection of services adapted to your specific requirements which are essential in the management of your account. As a complement to the base it enables you to personalise your package according to your needs:

  • Maitrise du découvert: To help in the management on a daily basis of your overdraft facility as well as you benefiting from insurance cover on the amount of the overdraft in case of specific occurrences in everyday life(1). The module offers 4 overdraft levels(1) in order to match your cash flow requirements (in conjunction with the authorised overdraft facility previously agreed).
  • Budget Assurance(1): To help toward the payment of your annual insurance premiums (car, house, health, life insurance linked to a mortgage/loan) held at Credit Agricole or elsewhere in case of specific events occurring in everyday life.
  • Compte Sécurisé: Use and protect your means of payment with complete peace of mind in the event of theft or loss(1).
  • Epargne Pilotée: Save automatically when you have a cash surplus on your account at a predefined limit.
  • Suivi @ssuré: Insurance cover when making purchases at a distance (by internet, telephone or post). In the event of non-delivery of goods(1) or goods not complying with your order. Texts or mini-statement alerts are sent to your French mobile telephone, these can be set to notify you if your balance falls below, or goes above a certain level, or for a debit for more than a set amount. This allows you to follow the activity on your account more effectively.

Some of the modules are available at a Premium level in order to offer you a greater level of service.

"A la carte" options

To personalise your cover, you can complete your choice with options "à la carte" (additional insurances, specific services...). The options chosen also benefit from the digressive fees.

Crédit Agricole offers you a new way to manage your current account by enabling you to select, with your advisor, the products and services that correspond best to your needs and your budget.

The "Compte à Composer" requires you to have already or at the same time, subscribed to the different contracts necessary for the chosen services.
Each product that comprises this offer can be bought separately.

Clients that subscribe to this offer benefit from a beneficial rate on the base and the modules and includes any free services specified. For more information, see the terms and conditions.

A reduction is applied depending on the total cost (base +module) and applies equally to the "à la carte" options chosen. This works as follows:

Level of monthly payment Reduction applied (as of 01/01/2022)
From 4.10 - < 5.09€ 5%
From 5.10 - < 7.14€ 10%
From 7.15 - < 9.17€ 15%
Above 9.18€ 20%
(1) The insurance products proposed by your Caisse Regionale found within “Compte à Composer” are underwritten by CAMCA, mutualist insurance company of variable premiums, 65 rue de la Boetie – 75008 Paris. Company regulated by the insurance code. The events insured and their conditions as mentioned on contracts.