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Accessing the money in your French bank account wherever you may be in the world is indispensable. Here are some of the options available to you. If you travel widely or just prefer using your cards for all payments, take a closer look at the new CA Britline cards that have been created for you and compare them to the existing standard options.

Annual fees apply to French debit cards in general but don’t forget that these cards also come equipped with Assistance, Basic Travel Insurance or Full Travel Insurance for yourself and your family (conditions apply).

Other cards are available, notably Visa Infinite or Mastercard World Elite which also include other payment guarantees and wider services, such as an international ‘conciergerie’ – for details speak to an adviser.

Deferred debit cards (End of Month Debit cards) are available for some Crédit Agricole debit cards. Cash withdrawals are debited immediately from your account. The total amount of your purchases are grouped together and debited at the end of each month with 0% interest. See payment calendar 2018

CA Britline Cards: Exclusive for CA Britline Customers

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Characteristics Britline Classic(2) Visa or Mastercard Classic Mastercard with balance check Britline Premier(2) Visa Premier or Mastercard Gold
Standard limits on cash withdrawals over 7 day rolling period 1500€ 450€ 450€ 3000€ 1500€
Standard limits per month card payments 6000€ 2300€ 2300€ 10000€ 6000€
Contactless up to 30€ Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Payments & withdrawals by card in France & the EEE in Euros Free Free Free Free Free
Withdrawals from an ATM in France other than CA Free(3) 1€/withdrawal from the 5th withdrawal/ month 1€/withdrawal from the 5th withdrawal/ month Free(3) Free
Other payments outside the EU & related fees Free 0,41€/transaction + 2,55% fee 0,41€/transaction + 2,55% fee Free 0,41€/transaction + 2,55% fee
Withdrawals from an ATM outside the EU Free Fixed 3,45€ per withdrawal + 2,55% proportional fee Fixed 3,45€ per withdrawal + 2,55% proportional fee Free Fixed 3,45€ per withdrawal + 2,55% proportional fee
Bonus Gold (reduction 0,05€ / payment made on following years annual fee ) No No No Yes Yes
Restricted use on péage (tolls), service stations and some car parks No No Yes No No
Travel Assistance(4) Yes and documentation in English Yes Yes Yes and documentation in English Yes
Basic Travel Insurance(4) Yes and documentation in English Yes Yes Yes and documentation in English Yes
Comprehensive Travel Insurance(4) No No No Yes and documentation in English Yes
Essential Information in English Yes Yes No Yes Yes
Annual Fees 41,00€ 41,00€ 30,50€ 128,00€ 128,00€
(1) Subject to acceptance of your file, subscription is available to any person aged 18 years or over and accountholder with CA Britline. Ask your adviser about the availability, terms and conditions of use and the annual card fee. Debit cards: cards that are debited immediately, cards with systematic authorisation. Payment transactions are debited from the linked account within a maximum of 48 hours.

(2) Zero fees when making purchases or withdrawing money abroad with your CA Britline Classic or Premier debit card. Local costs may apply.

(3) Although CA will not levy a charge for using these ATMs, always check any charges that may be levied by local banking networks in the country you are in.

(4) Within the limits and conditions provided in the assistance and insurance contracts subscribed to by Crédit Agricole Assurance Paiement, insurance broker registered with ORIAS under no 10 058 272 (, on behalf of the cardholder. For assistance: Mutuaide Assistance (8/14, avenue des Frères-Lumière 94366 Brysur-Marne Cedex). For insurance: CAMCA (53, rue La Boétie CS40107 75380 Paris Cedex 08). These companies are subject to the control of the ACPR (61, rue Taitbout 75436 Paris Cedex 09).