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Discover our new feature : Britline Live and ask questions in real time !

Britline has launched a new Chat facility via our website.

Live chat will happen on a regular basis on our website with a new subject being discussed most months. We hope to bring you interesting information that is important to you!

You can access the chat from any device : phone, tablet or desktop and a Britline Live window will automatically appear. After typing your name, you will be able to forward any questions through to the presenter who will answer there and then if possible.
You may also like and review our chats, request further information should you wish.

Watch the demo to find out more

Stay tuned for the next sessions (times shown are French times) :

Theme Moving to France
Presenter Russell Karen
Dates   Tuesday February 18th 10.00AM
  Tuesday February 26th 10.00AM  
    Tuesday March 5th 10.00AM

For future chats, please do not hesitate to tell us what you would like to hear via

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