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When there are moments in life that are worth saving for

When there are moments in life that are worth saving forSaving is good. It helps us build up a nest egg, plan for emergencies, save towards a house and invest in our children’s future.

Therefore finding the right savings or investment account which suits the needs of you and your family is important. A savings or investment plan that allows you to live your life the way you want, offering a competitive interest rate and giving flexible access when required.

CA Britline is the leading provider of banking, insurance and savings accounts to the English-speaking community in France. We understand your needs and can help you choose the savings or investment account to match your lifestyle or project. For example:-
  • Savings accounts: instantly accessible or fixed term savings solutions, in € or £.
  • Stock market related investments: a potentially higher return, with a level of risk adapted to your needs.
  • Life assurance: a long-term investment solution which enables you to plan for you and your family’s future.
To help you understand at a glance which savings account suits your needs, please click here. This will guide you as to the various savings and investment accounts available, for customers living in France or in the UK and Ireland.

If you have a CA Britline account depending on where you are fiscally resident, you can also benefit from the financial expertise offered by our partner Amundi and their extensive range of share and bond-based unit trusts.

Let us now look at the different savings account options to match your current lifestyle and the future needs of you and your family.

*Important note: every person’s financial situation is different, and this information is for general guidance only. A CA Britline advisor and where appropriate our financial partners Amundi can advise on the different savings and investment accounts to consider.

Buying a home or renovating a property in France

If you are looking to buy your dream home in France, undertake a renovation project or maybe you are planning to move to a new house, growing your savings is a key priority.

Saving for a deposit, removal costs, buying new furniture and white goods, legal fees…. It’s an expensive time, for sure.

Choosing a savings account which provides a 100% guarantee return of your capital with a fixed interest rate for the contract term is an important consideration.

When buying a property, it is also likely that you will need a mortgage. For those with young families and for those requiring a mortgage later in life, keeping mortgage costs low is crucial. So, a savings plan that could offer you a discounted mortgage interest rate is well worth a look at.

Savings deposit accounts you may wish to consider:-
  • A Plan Epargne Logement (PEL): Savings deposit account which is similar to ISA Help to Buy. Use this account to save towards a mortgage and buying a property or building up a cash sum for later in life. Potentially you can benefit from attractive interest rates.
  • Britline International Payments Service (BIPS): Make regular credits for future savings. Take advantage of highly competitive exchange rates and the ability to make transfers to and from France 24 hours a day, seven days a week on the BIPS website. Open your BIPS account.

Saving for a special occasion – or for dealing with life’s emergencies

Life is for living! Perhaps you are planning a holiday of a lifetime, putting money away for a special anniversary or to buy a new car. However, as we all know life can be unpredictable. The boiler may need replacing, the car requires urgent repairs, or you receive an unexpected bill.

That’s why it is good to put money aside regularly into a savings deposit account which you can have instant access to without a notice period, if needed. A savings account with an affordable minimum sum for an initial deposit and allows for regular saving – offering you a decent interest rate, too.

Savings deposit accounts you may wish to consider:-
  • Livret A: The "Livret A" is a tax-free instant access savings account available to all, regardless of age, nationality or tax residency. Each member of your family can have a "Livret A". It can be opened at birth and maintained throughout life. The rate of interest is regulated by the government.
  • Livret d'Epargne Populaire (LEP): When you don’t have high income it’s important to plan ahead to be able to cover any unexpected expenses, or to carry out a project. This is an instant access savings account suitable for low income households fiscally resident in France.

Saving for your children’s future

Whether you would like to create a special fund for when a child turns 18, save money for their future education at school or university or saving for your children’s or grandchildren’s future is a wonderful gift.

You may wish to open a regular savings account offering instant access – or invest for a longer period, for example as part of your inheritance.

Savings deposit and investment accounts you may wish to consider:-

Share account and investment options

Investing money in the stock market is a way of securing a higher rate of return. It offers the opportunity of saving a larger sum of money for capital purchases or other purposes and is potentially fiscally advantageous.

You can choose to invest in shares, bonds and mutual funds for the short, medium or long term; from low risk to more dynamic, higher risk investments.

For managing all of your stock and share investments in one place 24/7, CA Britline has an online service, Investstore.

You can decide to make one off investments or regular programmed investments.

Find out more about our share and stock investment options:-
  • Share account: For permanent residents in France and non-residents. Service enabling you to manage all of your stock and share investments in one place online.
  • Plan d'Epargne en Actions (PEA) / Share Savings Plan: A dynamic savings plan over a medium or long term. Invest in French or European shares in fiscally advantageous way.

Planning your inheritance

If you have made France your permanent home, planning your inheritance has its complexities and challenges, for example the French succession law and tax matters.

It therefore makes sense to plan your inheritance and take advantage of savings and life assurance products which potentially reduces the tax burden and allow you to leave your assets to the people you would like to.

Of course, you may also wish to withdraw some of the money you have saved during your lifetime… and have the flexibility to deposit a lump sum or make a regular savings contribution.

A savings and life assurance plan you may wish to consider:-
  • The Assurance Vie is a savings and life assurance plan which enables you to make tax efficient investments. It is particularly useful for planning your inheritance, allowing individuals to name specified beneficiaries with tax advantages. To open an Assurance Vie policy, you must live and pay tax in France.

Further Information

If you would like further information on any of our savings and investment accounts, please get in touch.