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The steps to take with your bank following a bereavement

The steps to take with your bank following a bereavement

Your bank is there to accompany you through the difficult times that you may have to face and one of the most difficult times in life is when a love one passes away.

Your banking affairs may not automatically come to mind at this time, however it is very important to send a copy of the death certificate to your branch as quickly as possible. It is from receipt of this document that any of the deceased individual accounts will be blocked. If you have a joint account with the deceased person you will still have access to the account.

Depending on whether the deceased person was fiscally resident either in France or the UK/Ireland a Grant of probate and/or the details of the Notaire dealing with the estate will then need to be forwarded on to the bank.

Your banks succession and inheritance department will be there to accompany you through the process of the succession and some banks will provide you with a succession guide in order to help you with your other administrative tasks which may be insurance or tax related. Our guide in French.

The succession department as well as your advisor will be available for any questions regarding the closure or modification of any bank accounts or life assurance policies held by the deceased. Also to inform and advise you regarding any opportunities to sell or maintain certain investments, transfer any savings plans and the reinvestment of funds with your bank.