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Peace of mind when purchasing online

Peace of mind when purchasing onlineBuying online has many advantages. It’s practical, quick and often economical. Nevertheless, you need to be vigilant in order to avoid a nasty surprise. Here are some guidelines to keep in mind when making your online purchases.

Beware of suspicious addresses

Firstly, make sure that the site that you are using is a reputable retail site. To do this, check that the retailer shows clearly on their site their address and their terms of sale (delivery and return of goods, guarantees…). Ideally, avoid completely unknown sites and favour those that have an established reputation, preferably in France. Otherwise, you can get an idea of the company by calling them or sending an email to their customer services to have more information about their products and services. Testing their reactivity and the reality of their products. Another option is to check other user’s ratings published online.

Beware of questionable emails inviting you to connect to a retail website. Pretexting security emails often invite you to connect to a bank website, a payment account or a trading site which in reality, take you straight to a pirate website. When in doubt it is always better to directly type the web address you wish to consult into the browser yourself.

Protect your payment details

When buying online, always make sure that you protect your payment details. Firstly by only giving your bankcard details to retailers that you are sure of but also by avoiding giving these details by letter (email or paper), SMS or over the telephone. It is better to pay via a secure online server. You can see if a site is secure via the padlock at the beginning of the address bar, the letters “https” or a key in your web address bar. To avoid you giving your bank details on each payment an electronic wallet exists. You can credit a secure account and you make your purchases via this account. It is also a wise measure not to give out the references or the cryptogram of your card.

Do the right thing if there is a problem

If you suspect fraudulent use of your bankcard contact your bank or your advisor rapidly to put a stop against your card and make any further use impossible. Make sure your check your account regularly to be able to detect this type of incident, at least once a month. By comparing your bank statement with the invoices or payment confirmations sent by the online retailers you could easily identify this type of transaction and react quickly.

Paylib(1), the online payment solution launched and supported by major French banks is a good solution when needing to make a payment. To activate Paylib, you simply need to download the app “Ma Carte” (app available in French only) and follow the step-by-step guide.

Discover this new service:
  • I save time – I no longer need to enter my bank details online.
  • I keep my data safe Crédit Agricole remains my preferred intermediary and guarantees my payments.
  • I can use this on all of my devices. I pay from my smartphone, tablet or computer.
  • With a wide choice of retailers – Paylib is available with several thousand e-retailers.
  • I don’t have to pay any additional fees. Paylib is proposed free of charge by Crédit Agricole.

(1) Android is a service provided by Google Inc. App Store is a service provided by Apple Inc.