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How to obtain grants to make your home more energy efficient

Did you know that there is a government backed scheme that provides grants for people looking to make their homes more energy efficient?
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In France the typical household spends around €3,000 a year on heating bills . This includes electricity, gas and other fuels such as wood. However, by improving the energy efficiency of a property, these costs could reduce – and help the environment.

Last year, the French government introduced a new scheme: MaPrimeRénov’.

What types of works are eligible?

With a budget of €2 billion, MaPrimeRénov’ offers financial support for homeowners and landlords undertaking various types of energy renovation works. Eligible works include insulation, ventilation systems, updating of heating systems and work to improve the efficiency of temperature controls.

The scheme has a variety of rates which determine how much each household is eligible for, depending upon the total income.

Who is eligible?

If you are a homeowner, a co-owner of a property or a landlord you can apply. There are no income restrictions on who can apply – although the amount of money you may receive depends upon your income, the type of work and where you live.

Is it a loan or a grant?

MaPrime’Renov is a government funded grant scheme. You receive a reimbursement once the work is complete.

How do I apply?

You apply online to create your MaPrimeRénov’ account. You will need your last Income Tax return together with details of your household. Before your application is finalised, you must supply quotations for the work plus other financial aid you are currently receiving. For other types of property, further information may be required.

Further information

For more information go directly to the MaPrimeRénov’ website.

Planning a renovation project or other works?

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