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How to get the best mortgage for your property in France

How to get the best mortgage for your property in FranceIt is easy to understand why France continues to be a popular destination for Britons.
The quality of life, the beautiful countryside and the stunning coastline all are great attractions.
This year is likely to see significant numbers crossing the Channel for une nouvelle vie en France, many of whom are of working age with families or seeking early retirement. To realise these dreams, obtaining a French mortgage can provide the key to buying property in France. Below are our tips for getting the best mortgage deal with CA Britline, part of Crédit Agricole - one of France’s largest banks.

Choose a mortgage to suit your needs

A key first step is deciding how much money you need to borrow – and can afford to repay. Work out a budget, including the property price, any renovation/building costs and fees.
Consider too your potential earnings and the cost of living – including your monthly mortgage repayments. Other factors to think about are the length of the mortgage term, the type of mortgage (fixed rate or variable) and the interest rate.

Find your property in France

Finding a place to live in France is exciting – and there are so many places to choose from!
When you have discovered your ideal property, you can then apply for a mortgage. Once approved, CA Britline will send you a preliminary offer containing everything you need to know.

How to apply

CA Britline can offer mortgages to those who are permanent residents in France as well as non-residents. Tailored to your needs and your pocket, we have some of the best mortgage rates in France – with English speaking advisors there to help you.

Further information on obtaining a French mortgage, including an application form and a list of documentation you need to provide. Contact us today to start your new adventure in France.