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How to choose your car insurance?

How to choose your car insurance?

Are you looking for advice to help you choose your car insurance? It all depends on your profile! CA Britline is here to help look at the tricky question of car insurance.


Yes, car insurance is obligatory, and this also concerns cars that never leave their garage or cars that don’t require a licence! We therefore advise you to choose insurance rapidly after buying a car. Without it you will be failing your insurance requirements and that can cost you a lot: a fine of 3750€, suspension of your driving licence, confiscation of your vehicle and in the event of an accident you will not be covered. In the event of an accident the insurance company will not reimburse the victim(s), reimbursement will come from a separate guarantee fund advancing the compensation due to the victim(s). You will then be obliged to reimburse the fund.


4 main options exist.

  • Third party: this is the minimum legal requirement in France! We advise you to take this option if you by a second hand car that already has a lot of kilometres on the clock or if you only have a very small budget for your car insurance you will be covered for injury and material damage that you could cause to a third party in the event of an accident.
  • Third Party plus: more expensive than the first option but protection is a lot better! With this insurance you have the same guarantees as the standard third party cover whilst also benefiting from additional cover as you choose. It can, for example, include a guarantee for fire or theft.
  • Fully comprehensive: this is option that covers most eventualities, it includes a public liability guarantee, damage, fire, broken glace, theft, natural and technological catastrophe, storms and even attacks. For a new car, this is the best option, even if the cost is greater than the first two options.
  • Insurance by the kilometre: if you use your car very little, this option is for you. It enables you to choose an insurance policy, either third party or fully comprehensive, but only for a pre-defined number of kilometres (kms). You commit to not exceeding the number of kms agreed. If you have an accident above the agreed kms, you risk having penalties. However if you have reached the allocated kms, you will receive a reimbursement.


We take into account your previous insurance history when calculating your French no claims discount entitlement (CRM or Bonus-Malus). Written proof from your previous or existing insurer will be required.

It takes 13 years to reach full no claims in France, at which point you benefit from a 50% reduction on the standard tariff levied by your insurer. This is referred to as your Coefficient de Reduction Majoration or CRM. Drivers with little or no experience start with a CRM of 1.0. For each year of driving without a responsible or partially responsible claim your CRM is reduced. Drivers benefiting from a full no claims discount have a CRM of 0.50.

In order to reward good drivers, Pacifica CA’s insurance company, has introduced an additional bonus scheme that enables you to pay even less for your car insurance. From the moment of subscription you may qualify of an additional discount. In the years following subscription your good driving record will continue to be rewarded, increasing by 2% each year without claim or incident, up to a maximum additional discount of 20 %.


We invite you to contact your CA advisor to find out more about the options available for your car insurance. We will then advise on the best option based on your profile and your vehicle.

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