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Funeral financial planning: what you need to know

Funeral financial planning: what you need to know

In 2014, life expectancy in Normandy stands at 75 years old for a man and 84.5 for a woman, slightly lower than the national average. Normandy is however the region where the population has aged the most over the last 5 years. One resident in ten is over the age of 75 (Sources: INSEE, État civil).

Funeral costs can be a weighty charge for families, as they don’t just limit themselves to the purchase of a coffin. You also need to think of the cost of purchasing a plot from the commune, the burial or cremation charges, publication of an obituary etc.


There are several ways to anticipate and organize the financial aspects of your funeral.

  • Savings and investment solutions

You can for example open a deposit account and deposit the sums reserved for this use. Note that upon death the bank will only be able to debit individual bank accounts upon presentation of an invoice from a funeral parlour within the legal allowed limit is set at 5000 euros*.

  • Funeral planning contract

You can also subscribe to a contract to finance your funeral. This type of contract enables you to choose an amount of capital depending on your savings capacity.

At CA Normandie, we also offer within this contract, an assistance section: your loved ones will therefore have a telephone number that they can call to speak with a specialist who would be able to accompany them with the organization of your funeral (choice of location where the deceased will rest, choice of funeral director, respect of the last wishes established by the deceased...)

Don’t forget that you can also receive financial allowances from the CPAM, the top up health cover policy for the deceased or their employer. Don’t hesitate to look into it, not matter how old you are.

* Limit applicable as of 24/08/2016