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5 differences between driving in France and the UK

5 differences between driving in France and the UK

There are many things to love about driving in France.

Compared to the UK, the roads are less busy with traffic although driving around the dangerous Arc de Triomphe roundabout in Paris is not for the faint-hearted! Outside of the big cities, free parking is widely available, and the road network is (generally) well maintained.

However, there are other differences too...

So, if you have recently moved to France or booking a one-way ticket across la Manche, here are a few tips to bear in mind along the way.

In France, we insure the car – not the driver. This is handy to know if someone else needs to drive your vehicle, say in the event you are unwell. Do check the small print of your contract though.

Every car must display a valid certificate of insurance on the windscreen. This is called a ‘certificat d’assurance’ or ‘carte verte’ and comes as a small tear-off strip from your insurer.

When you move to France permanently, your vehicle will need to conform to French regulations. This requires you, for example, to change the car headlamps, register your vehicle in France to obtain a ‘carte grise’ and put your car through its ‘Contrôle Technique’.

What is a Contrôle Technique or CT? It is a compulsory test for a vehicle’s roadworthiness. Unlike the UK where the MOT is required annually, in France the CT lasts for 2 years.

There are some differences to the French highway code compared to the UK. One very important one is the ‘priorité à droite’ ; at junctions the vehicle that is approaching from the right has priority over the one approaching from the left. This is always applicable unless signage indicates otherwise.

No doubt drivers well acquainted to driving in France can add more to this list!

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