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Protect our environment: Opt for E-Statements

E-Statements mean the end of paper statements and avoid stocking paper. Your statements are available on-line and are fully secure.


  • E-Statements are free of charge.
  • If you are currently receiving your paper statements every 10 days, weekly or daily, the  E-statements will be free of charge.

Eco-friendly and practical

Protect our environment: Opt for E-Statements
  • With E-Statements you reduce the amount of paper used and thereby help to protect our forests.
  • Your E-Statement is available in PDF Format (1), identical to your paper statement with the same legal value.
  • With E-Statements you will be able to see your statement for 60 months. No need for a filing system, with one simple click you can find the statement you are looking for.
  • The E-Statement is replacing your paper statement sent by post. You have the possibility to revert back to paper statements at any time upon request.

Quick and available 24/7

  • Your E-Statements are accessible and fully secured at any time and wherever you are. No more postal delays.
  • An e-mail will invite you to access your account on-line to view or download your E-Statement.


  • Every individual customer with on-line banking access.

How to subscribe?

  • Click on the link « Subscribe » below.
  • Complete and validate the questionnaire.
  • Access your account on-line.
  • On the left side, in the « e-Documents » section, click on « Gestion ».
  • Follow the instructions.

If you do not remember your 6 digit internet access code, click here to order one.

(1) The PDF format is a format created by Adobe Systems. The files in PDF format can be read by programs such as Adobe Reader. You can download it free of charge.